Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beautiful Baby from the outside in

It is hard to believe that my daughter is now able to be measured in months! On Sunday, our little Adelaide was officially one month old! Thanks to her mom getting two new calling in church, it was her first day of church too.
At her doctor's appointment she measured:
9 lbs 5 oz = 68th percentile
22 inches = 86th  percentile
? I can't remember head, but it is definitely in the 92nd percentile.  She is my child after all. :)

It has been quite the whirlwind of a month filled with every possible emotion! Some things that happened this month include:
- Laila was born after a few pushes and minimal damage. Love her!
- Hospital stay for 2 days- not bad food and lots of baby pics
- Lil lady is a great eater!
- Adelaide loved meeting lots of family from the Ostler side at the beginning of the month
- Transitioning into our new life is A LOT of work.  People said it would be hard, but you really have no idea how hard until you are there.
- I have great friends in the ward who come and invite me to get out of the house.  Both healthy and much needed.
-She still fits in a lot of her newborn clothing, but just barely.
-I will start to say something like, "She normally does this." And then I have to remember, there really is no normal right now.  It will be a certain way a couple of times and completely different the next couple of times.
- Laila has the best faces and melts my heart with each and everyone.
- There have been a few nights of sleeping 4-6 hrs straight and those nights make me feel human again!
- She has pretty good control of her perfect head and keeps working on lifting it. (It's a lot of work)
- Adelaide is a CHATTER BUG!  (I don't know where she gets it. Ha!) She will coo, grunt and ahh for hours on end.  Sometimes in her sleep.
-She has a darling smile and an incredible giggle and I cannot wait to see both intentionally.
- Mom has LOVED having Grandma Shields here this week. (More on that later)
- It's just amazing how much love you can have for such a small thing. It makes sense though because you need that love to get you through the emotionally/physically frazzled moments that's for sure.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  For now, I LOVE every little snuggle from this precious girl.  I LOVE that she recognizes me and my voice.  I LOVE that her body just fits comfortably with mine.  I LOVE every little ounce of her.
- This upcoming month is going to have lots of exciting events and trips to California, Texas and Utah.  I'm extremely excited and pretty apprehensive about traveling with a newborn.  Any tips?


  1. 2 things that indicate she has Ostler in her- 1. Big head. 2. Talks a lot. It's funny, I didn't know 2 was a genetic trait.

  2. She is darling. And happy birthday to her mom!

  3. Love it when they smile in there sleep:) Tip #1- Bring that baby to my house!

  4. Oh you'll have to give us tips on traveling. Evangeline is 5 months tomorrow and still HATES the car if it's more than 20 minutes. We are supposed to drive 12 hours to Utah in June and have no idea how we will do it. Good for her to give you 4-6 hours so soon! What a great little lady you have :) So considerate. Maybe that's how you'll travel with a newborn? During a 4-6 hour stretch.

  5. Talk about your frazzled moments, I got in the shower the other day and nearly five minutes went by before I noticed I was still wearing a bra.

    Also, if you're coming to Utah, we all need to get together.