Friday, July 30, 2010

California, here we come...

Today we are headed here...

I'm so excited for a real summer vacation since my summer is officially over on Monday. This past week my contract time started so I spent the whole week setting up a 4th grade classroom. Last week I was a 6th grade teacher so it was a little stressful. I'm still way stressed about everything being done by Monday but instead of staying in my classroom all weekend, we're going to the beach!
So stay tuned for pics of our first escape in Veronica, pics of my classroom, and R.O.U.S's.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best Seats EVER!

This weekend we went to a Diamondbacks game. Baseball games are so fun! And I love that this stadium is gorgeous and air conditioned. What a genius and massive building! The D-Backs did not do so hot on Saturday/this season so far, but the atmosphere at a ball park cannot be beat. This particular game, we upgraded our nose bleed seats for this awesome front row table at T.G.I.Fridays.

I missed my usual stadium hot dog for a fraction of a second, but We DEFINITELY got the better end of the deal. Thank you Andersons for a fun time.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A sight for sore eyes

Piece by piece we're getting our house together. Our barren backyard went from this:
To this:

We have trees! The green is definitely a sight for sore eyes!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Introducing Veronica

Because of my love of her...

And the fact that Michael won't let me name any future daughters Veronica, I decided we will call her Veronica.

We realized that since our jobs are taking us in different directions we would finally have to purchase a second car. Michael found her for a sweet deal- sound familiar? And I get to drive her and I love her and now Kirby has a friend in our two car garage. Veronica gets her own garage door opener and everything! She's going to be great to make some escapes in.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

And the winner is...

The Hardys!

They are the first from Utah to visit us. It was so fun to have them over in our house that still has working AC! Marcus was able to help Michael finally put together his "Father's Day" gift.

The grill was a sweet deal and I really wanted one so I used Father's Day to justify the purchase. IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

(Pay no attention to our barren backyard...all in good time.) We grilled up some steaks, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes. There was fresh fruit and lemonade. So amazing. It definitely ended up being a Thanksgiving in July.

We talked, topped off our fullness with ice cream, and played couples version of Phase 10. Couples version means I say things like, "Michael, I need this." or "Honey, don't skip me." And then we wait for the other person to lay down before we go out. It's cute. And it keeps our marriage with love in it as we are both a little bit competitive. It was a great evening! Thank you, Hardys!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It is sad how dependent one can get to the internet, but boy am I glad to have it back in our house! No more "quota time" from the library. Welcome back blogger, pandora, slickdeals, craigslist, netflix, and all other on-line shopping! We missed you. I cannot wait to get back to my "Monarch of the Glen" series and to finally post real pictures! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

God Bless the USA...but maybe not the DMV

We had a low key 4th of July. I loved that it was on a Sunday so there was no sure time that people celebrated. Some things were Saturday night. We saw fireworks from our house Sunday night and no work for Michael on Monday. It turned into a whole weekend. No complaints here. We had our "2nd annual grill off" with the Andersons on Monday. Delightful and Delicious. We played at the pool and had a great day with them. Sorry for no pictures...yet.

Yesterday, I enjoyed an ENTIRE afternoon at the DMV.
That's right, I stood in line to get my number to be helped. I received my J622 number at noon. Actually found a seat (there weren't many that were unoccupied and standing room was limited as well) and there I sat for two and a half hours. Waiting for numbers that were close to mine. I got there when they were on J607. I'm telling you- I experienced every emotion there is out there in that seat. I got there excited to get our new car registered and my license. Surprised to see so many people. Anxious because I don't really like spending time in government buildings- although the people watching is awesome. Relaxed to find a seat. My emotions keep going like this until they get to ones like confusion because I haven't heard any J's called for awhile. Frustration as I watched windows close with only a few left opened to help. Fury as I see other people get their number called. There was a moment where I almost cried, but I contained myself because I didn't want to be the weird girl that's crying at the DMV. I was truly terrified that after all the waiting, I would get up to the counter and they would say I didn't have everything I needed and send me away. I'm glad I stuck it out because the lady was pretty nice to me and we got everything done and now I don't have to go back. So I don't really mean the title of this post. No blessings should be withheld from the DMV. I'm just glad I don't have to go back there any time soon.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


So I'm borrowing my friend, Elizabeth's, internet because our dear, little house doesn't have internet set up yet. So Michael called the internet company to get it set up and they said "Oh, you have to do that online..." Michael said, "Remember how I'm calling you because I don't have internet?" Good times. So I'm having blog stalking withdrawals. Lame, but that's what I enjoy. I admit it. We went and got library cards so that we can use the internet...and read, of course... and their internet blocks blogger. Sad. I'm having Michael get it set up ASAP! PS It's really hot here.