Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playing with Fabric

We have been having some fun going to JoAnn's lately. We started with a headboard that I'll show some pictures of later. But, that project led us to this project...



We got this new kitchen table after lots of really picky hunts. I just wanted a little bit more flavor. The project was actually pretty painless. The fabric was on sale, plus I got a 50% coupon and a teacher discount (SWEET!) so to cover all 8 chairs it was under $20. Which is great because I won't feel guilty in a few years if I want to change it again.

We just took the seat off of the chair legs. Then we covered the cushion and used a staple gun to keep the fabric there. And voila! We have new kitchen chairs! What do you think?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

seriously not cool...

In anticipation of the release of this book:

I pre-ordered it with a gift card from here: (Thanks Julie!)

Knowing very well that I would have to have slept the night before so that I could teach. Thus, not getting the book at midnight.

I was able to bear my students' incessant chattiness and general disregard for manners all day because I knew that waiting for me at home would be this book:

However...it is STILL not here. Come on certain mail carriers that wear brown...where are you?! I know you are in transit because I have been frequently checking my tracking number. The only thing brown can do for me right now is get me my package!!.....please.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The White Room Challenge

A living room was a major compromise for the house. I wanted a separate living room other than the great room. It needed to be a more formal room where my piano could go. A room that could be a nice, quiet room. I wanted a room that I could take visitors without having to worry about them seeing my dirty house. A room where we could have home teachers, family night, etc. There were not many houses that we looked at with this type of room.
This house conveniently had a bonus room option that is now officially my "sitting room." I am mad I didn't take any before pics. It was stark white with no lighting. Michael has worked hard to make that nice room that I was looking for. He installed the ceiling fan, put in the crown molding, and painted the walls my favorite green.

It's been fun to have my mom's old living room furniture. I'm excited to get in there and really decorate it. It's going to be my quaint cottage, light & breezy retreat. So for now, consider these middle pictures with the end product on the way...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh me of little faith

Well...people said it was the season. Yet, I did not believe. They said it would happen and I said I would believe it when I see it...
Today, I saw it...


I loved every second of the half hour down pour.

We now have a natural pool in our backyard-I always wanted one

It was a wonderful thing to see. I would not mind that beautiful rain bringing the temperature down by about 20 degrees. That would be great!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crazy yet satisfying

Huntington Beach is so so so wonderful. I had a few panic attacks about leaving town the weekend before school started and a week after I found out I'm teaching a different grade. However, it was worth every second.
Because Michael had to stay in so many Hyatt's before we got into our house compliments of his job, he earned free nights at the Hyatt right on the beach. The wonderful Andersons and baby came along.

Yes, my school is on the way to California...it's a bit out there.

After a lunch, gas and then a stinking pit stop for him...we were back on the road.
California here we come...

Goodbye Cacti-
Hello Huntington Beach!
I do not mind checking in here:

The view from our room:

Taking the short walk to the ocean:



We ran into these folks and enjoyed playing at the beach...

In the evening, we took the stroll along the pier... (No I'm not pregnant)

took the best picture ever...

of course we had to show off our bods...

and ate here...

We shared a shake. So romantic.

I will never get sick of this place.

It was a wonderful weekend!


Last week, when I was setting up my class room, I saw this Rodent Of quite the Unusual Size (R.O.U.S) in the outdoor hallways. I saw it a mile away. I ran and grabbed my camera but I didn't have anything to show the actual scale of this creature. Just know a few things... first there was no way I was going to put my foot or anything else near it to show the size. Second, when it came out of the puddle, it left FOOTPRINTS- seriously!!!!! And finally, I'm pretty sure this creature ate a mouse for breakfast and then had some steroids. Truly- it was at least 5 inches long. I'm not a fan and so help me- it better not show up inside my classroom. The dead scorpions were creepy enough.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Slowly yet surely

Remember this picture? Yes, this was before we moved in.

We've now been in our lovely house for about 6 weeks. So what do we have to show for it? The progress has been slow (slower than we thought for sure) but steady. We've divided our time between the yard and several different projects inside the house. Here is my husband painting the kitchen.

Not only did our kitchen get the new paint, but we also (and by we, I mean Michael) installed some new kitchen hardware.

You like?