Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life in January...

...According to my iPhone photos...

^Enjoyed this girl A LOT! Love her first self portrait

Pretended we were in Africa like my family and went to Wild World Zoo & Aquarium

^Had a great couple of days with Uncle Joshua & Aunt Laura

Drenched my husband with the sacrament tray. Pretty klutzy and embarrassing.

Played some Chicken Foot with friends.

I just love her pig tails. (And Daniel Tiger)

We craftily avoided trying new foods.

Just love her.

We had a Mommy/Daughter date at Disney on Ice.  It was soooo much fun.  Adelaide was so cute clapping between songs and pointing out all the Disney characters!  LOVED it!

Michael's enjoying riding his bike to work.

So's Laila

Loving the weather and slides again.

I've been spoiled with a few baby showers and so has Laila. She loves all her Big Sister kits.

We love our bike rides and I have to say riding a bike is a lot more comfortable than walking sometimes.

This girl ate through at least 3 cartons of strawberries all by herself.

Just chilled with friends

We love having friends over.

Arizona sunsets are tough to beat.

Helped Daddy with some house projects

This girl loves her noodles

And still occasionally passes out after having too much fun!

I have amazing friends who spoiled me with dinner and a baby shower.  Pretty incredible evening!

^I'm Primary chorister so my photos are littered with screen shots like this for ideas I'd like to incorporate.

Time is ticking to baby's arrival. Just ask my swelling feet.

Michael's parents gave us a gift card to Dream dinners to make frozen meals.  They are super convenient and I can't wait to try them when baby comes.

Baby Boy's room is coming along! Michael switched out all the yellow, old electrical outlets and switches for crisp white. He painted the room, got curtains hung, a new lamp from craigslist and a few other items are coming together still.

This girl loves being a helper.  She says "Super Why Laila saves the day!"

^ "Look Mom! I made a snowman!"
That's how we make them in AZ

^Every closet in my house is getting organized on my nesting rampage.  This previously bursting at the seams Harry Potter cupboard is now my teaching and emergency preparedness cupboard.

We love face timing with family! Thank heavens for modern technology!

Now, we have been to our last doctor's appointment before Baby Boy joins the family!  It's a pretty intense time in our house and we are all anxiously excited to meet our little guy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Remember When It Was Christmas Time?

What a wonderful time of year!

We got our Christmas tree set up. Laila loved helping.

^We enjoyed Christmas movies with friends

^And wagon rides

^And ALL that chocolate consumption.

^We found this guy one night...

^...So we got on the road the next day.

Michael took us to Utah because he had a work trip in China.  
Glad he got to snowboard before he left.

Laila and I got to go to Festival of Trees with Grandma Shields and Katie

^We played with Will and Grandpa Ostler and ran into the big guy himself!
Our little Adelaide is definitely on the good list.

^We played with Grandma's nativities

^Spent some time with Great Grandma Baldwin and Liam

^Aunt Camille made it home safely!
She's a great missionary!

^Love my Laila cuddles

^Love family time!

^We got home from Utah in time to make my traditional bread for neighbors.

^And get ready for all of Michael's family to stay with us!
We had 15 people sleeping in our house.  I have to admit, I love my house
being filled to the brim with family.  We had a lot of fun together- eating, playing games,
going on some outings, talking, playing outside, etc.

^We went to the "jumpy jumpy"

^Temple Visitor center

^All five grandkids together with Uncles Dallin and Isaiah.

^Girl Cousin bonding

^Decorating the fort

^Making gingerbread houses

^Christmas Eve sparklers

^Santa Came!

^Laila loved opening presents!

^Christmas spaghetti

^Temple lights

^Laila adored her new cousin, Caraline.

Like all good things, the holidays zoomed by this year!  We really loved being able to see so much family and really enjoy the magic of the season.  Now that the tree is down and decorations are put away, it seems like Christmas was forever ago!  And after getting so many wonderful Christmas cards from fantastic friends and family members,  getting the mail is sure boring! ;)