Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Remember When It Was Christmas Time?

What a wonderful time of year!

We got our Christmas tree set up. Laila loved helping.

^We enjoyed Christmas movies with friends

^And wagon rides

^And ALL that chocolate consumption.

^We found this guy one night...

^...So we got on the road the next day.

Michael took us to Utah because he had a work trip in China.  
Glad he got to snowboard before he left.

Laila and I got to go to Festival of Trees with Grandma Shields and Katie

^We played with Will and Grandpa Ostler and ran into the big guy himself!
Our little Adelaide is definitely on the good list.

^We played with Grandma's nativities

^Spent some time with Great Grandma Baldwin and Liam

^Aunt Camille made it home safely!
She's a great missionary!

^Love my Laila cuddles

^Love family time!

^We got home from Utah in time to make my traditional bread for neighbors.

^And get ready for all of Michael's family to stay with us!
We had 15 people sleeping in our house.  I have to admit, I love my house
being filled to the brim with family.  We had a lot of fun together- eating, playing games,
going on some outings, talking, playing outside, etc.

^We went to the "jumpy jumpy"

^Temple Visitor center

^All five grandkids together with Uncles Dallin and Isaiah.

^Girl Cousin bonding

^Decorating the fort

^Making gingerbread houses

^Christmas Eve sparklers

^Santa Came!

^Laila loved opening presents!

^Christmas spaghetti

^Temple lights

^Laila adored her new cousin, Caraline.

Like all good things, the holidays zoomed by this year!  We really loved being able to see so much family and really enjoy the magic of the season.  Now that the tree is down and decorations are put away, it seems like Christmas was forever ago!  And after getting so many wonderful Christmas cards from fantastic friends and family members,  getting the mail is sure boring! ;) 


  1. Looks like you had a great and busy Christmas! Miss you and that sweet girl.

  2. You took some awesome pictures! Loved re-visiting our time together. Yes, It seems like FOREVER go, already!