Saturday, October 30, 2010

money, money, money

Let me tell you a little lesson about American currency. The twenty dollar bill looks like this:

A few years ago, my family went to the US Mint in Washington D.C. It was so fun and interesting to see how these valuable pieces of paper are made. The security features and everything. The other night, I learned a new security feature. Let me tell you about it...

I had a class party the next day so I needed to go get some donuts. My mom's in town -Hooray! More on that later- and she didn't want to go into the store with me. Michael didn't want to go into the store with me either. So they sent me alone. Michael gave me a twenty and I headed into the store.

24 donuts later and a few long lines later, I was in the express checkout line. I get up to the front, give the cashier my donuts and my twenty ready to go. She then takes the twenty Michael gave me and says, "I'm sorry. I cannot accept this. This is counterfeit money."

Seriously. What do you do when someone says that to you? All I could say was, "Are you serious?" The reason why I asked that was because when I was in line forever, I had the cash out and noticed this weird corner that kind of looked like someone had cut it weird. I thought to myself that would be weird if this was counterfeit... Nah that doesn't happen in real life.

Then I get to the cashier and that's what she says to me! Well, that was only money I had, so I had to call Michael to come in and use a credit card. She then informs us that she was able to "classify" our cash as counterfeit because Mr. Jackson didn't have any ridges on his jacket. Who knew?

The cashier then informs us that it's store policy to confiscate the "counterfeit" money. Michael is now a bit grouchy because my donuts were now $34. It was quite the disappointment. I was really worried because the only time we get cash is either from the ATM or money people give us because we sold something to them. Recently, Michael sold a cell phone on craig's list so he was worried that he had over $100 in counterfeit. However, he then realized that this particular twenty came from a birthday card sent to him by relatives!

Michael was worried that his relatives might have a bunch of counterfeit so he called them to tell them about the situation. He had to keep telling them, "No, you don't need to send me more... That's not why I'm calling...I just don't want you to have more counterfeit."

What a lesson! Now that you learned so much about the US currency, go check your twenties today! And I'll keep you posted on whether or not the secret service starts investigating us counterfeiters.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fabulous Fall Break part 2

The rest of Fall break was not disappointing. It was NOT easy to leave those beautiful FALL colors. I'm sorry, but AZ does not have seasons. Unless you count hot, hotter and hottest. It's currently hot season so if anyone wants to visit 80 temps, I have a place you can stay...
During the rest of the week we watched her:

(yes, that's my sister. and no, I don't know why she got the long, skinny legs, and yes, I do love their way cute jerseys)

Wednesday I was able to go to the elementary school I went to and talk to my amazing 4th,5th, & 6th grade teacher who is still there. Seriously, I still want to be her when I grow up. I got to spend the day with my mom. She is the best librarian ever. She really knows her stuff and I love all her book recommendations. (I know, mom, I still need to read, "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.") While I was there I also got to visit with one of second graders! He is now a 5th grader and goes to my elementary school! What a small world and it's starting
to make me feel old.

We were able to see some friends. I wish we could have seen everyone that we miss so much in Utah. Boy, do those few days fly by.

After 5 years, a marriage, a mission, a few graduations, lots of loving conversations about our outfits, we finally took some new family pictures. This is the only one I have so far. Michael took the picture though so it's not the complete family.

We also got to celebrate Michael's birthday here:

I wish I could have gotten a picture of my dad's face. He loved the go-carts a little too much. He did not love waiting for the workers to come and get him unstuck and he did not like his score in lazer tag. I guess we'll have to practice that later. It was great. And boy, did Camille not like being spun out! She's just not as great a driver as others. : ) Grandma had fun though...

I do love that our tokens were able to purchase these beauties:

It was a fabulous fall break and it nearly broke my heart to leave. I'm
sure glad the holiday season is right around the corner...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fabulous Fall Break part 1

After Chicago, my picture taking skills seriously deteriorated. But we had a great rest of the week nonetheless.
Monday we flew into SLC! It was great. We were coming in from our layover in Denver and the plane crossed into Utah Valley right over my dear Mapleton. It turned North and continued right over beautiful Hobble Creek Canyon, the Y on the mountain, our little Provo house (I swear I saw it.) We then continued flying along above I-15 where Michael and I counted the temples as we saw them. It was the perfect way to be bring me home. So thank you Southwest Pilot.
That night we had a great birthday dinner for Michael with his family. The next morning- DEMOLITION. Michael enjoyed ripping out A LOT of walls inside because the kitchen is getting updated.
My HGTV self loves watching the unbelievable project the Shields are undergoing. I wish I had before pictures, but their house used to have a flat roof. It was custom made in the 70s and all that that implies. They added the slant roof, cornices and a big family room/ master suite addition to the back. And they are going to put windows in the front and update the facade. It looks awesome.
Everyday we were there included drastic changes!
It was so much fun to be there and help. (Michael obviously was more crucial than I.) It was a great addition to our Fall Break.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

...and all that jazz

1st adventure of Fall Break takes us to...

Seriously...what an awesome city! It is a gorgeous skyline.

It was so fun. We're glad we had these folks to show us the town:

This is how I felt about being on Fall break finally! (Have I mentioned that I've been waiting for fall break?!)

The city reminded me of so many wonderful movies...
While You Were Sleeping:

My Best Friend's Wedding:

Ferris Bueller's Day off:

(I'd like to think this is where the parade was.)

Return to Me, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Fugitive, Home Alone, Sleepless in Seattle, This list goes on and on. No wonder I like this city so much!

We ate here:

(So cool looking!)

We had REAL Chicago pizza!

(SO amazing Michael used good manners.)

We saw amazing sites:

(My childhood dream!)

Lots of artwork:

("If you're going to commit to this you are going to have to open up...bare that beautiful soul...let me see your teeth.")

It was a delightful day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's finally here

Black nails October is finally here. I have been waiting for October for sometime. Reasons for this include:

-My fall break starts next week. 7 Days and counting...
-Trip to Chicago next weekend
-Trip to Utah for a week- yes!
-Hubby's B-day
-Hopefully cooler temperatures in the AZ
-Black nails
-Seeing family and friends
-Starting out the holiday season
-And a whole bunch of other adventures

Black nails October has been a roommate tradition for some time now and it's fun to look forward to. It's a great way to bring in October!