Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to this little house was not easy. I really liked living in our little cottage. It was perfect for our first two years of marriage. It was probably the only time in our life where I would find it quaint that we only had one tiny bathroom that had it's light switch on the outside of the door. Or that our floor boards were so squeaky. Or how picturesque our front windows were.

Or that our kitchen was so tiny with a cute little brick counter top.
I really did love it.

Many thanks to Janna for helping me lock up and leave. And to Janna's phone to taking these pictures as my camera was dead and I have no idea where the charger is packed... Please pay no attention to the sweaty girl on the left. I had just finished the serious scrub down before the landlord came.

Monday, June 28, 2010


This is how I felt last night for a few reasons.

Let me tell you why...

1- Michael starts work at 6:30 AM. Therefore, he went to bed at 9:30 PM. It's not 8, but close enough.

2- We stayed in the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix and Michael was disappointed that we had to pay for parking and that there's no continental breakfast. : )

3- There is a volleyball tournament thing going on so the hotel is infested with teenage girls. Therefore, as I was going to bed, I almost wanted to go out in the hall and tell them to keep it down! What!? They were really loud, but I'm glad I refrained.

And the last reason I felt like the picture above is because Michael and I have the same eye prescription. Therefore, when we can't find our own glasses or can't see, we just borrow each other's glasses. It's cute. Really.

What a night!

Arizona here we come...

We're unofficially AZ residents!

Unofficially because we haven't registered our car or have driver's licenses or anything. But, officially because we are home owners and have gotten mail and everything! Michael's been here for a week getting our house ready for me and the furniture to come down. Stay tuned for pictures of his painting abilities and his amazing crown molding that he and his dad put up. I officially got down here yesterday. We went to our official ward and we are so excited to start our Arizona Adventures.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wonderful Weekends

This past weekend was a beautiful weekend. It finally started feeling like summer and Michael's family invited us to enjoy the weekend with them here:

(There was no snow, I just got it from google image)
Park City was the perfect way to relax after packing, etc. (Separate blog post coming with this topic) We drove up Friday. We enjoyed family, food, bike rides, hot tubs, and a way nice room. It was right next to the Alpine Slide and Main Street. It really is pretty up there. On Saturday Michael went golfing here:
Which was perfect because I got to see Camille hand off in this relay race:
I still don't understand the motivation that goes behind these people. But, it is quite remarkable.

It was wonderful. It was a good way to relax with the family before our Arizona Adventures begin.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I love Netflix and I love that they have all sorts of treasures in their instant queue. If anyone is in need of a classic show, I highly recommend "Monarch of the Glen." It's wonderful. It's Scottish. It's quaint. The setting is a castle. What's not to like? Watch it. I love it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Michael's Neverland

This weekend, Keith and Tricia invited us to the family ranch in Chesterfield, Idaho for Memorial Day. The ranch (Chesterfield Station) covers nearly 11,000 acres! It was crazy to be surrounded by nothing, but cows and hills.

We started out here...

It was a bit/very cold that first night, so we were upgraded into the house after that. The teepees were a nice touch though. We had a great menu of tin foil dinners & roasted mallows...I like camping food!

Saturday was cold and rainy but we enjoyed some volleyball, games, relaxing and then we met this fella...


Michael loved cowboy suiting up...

and it was more than once that I saw this silouette...

Then we went out on the town to do some dancing.

It was really fun. It made me wish I knew this dance though. Thank you, Miley, for that goodness!

On Memorial Day, Chesterfield has a whole big shin dig at the town site. We got to look through the restored houses, have penny candy, and old school rootbeer and sarsaparilla. We got to see the outhouse Keith's brother made. Fortunately, I did NOT have to utilize it.

Tricia and Keith also enjoyed some cotton candy which always makes a picturesque scene.

After the festivities, the group-minus me- went out to do activities that included words like...
herding...roping... castrating....branding...ear tags...shots...yelling...and in Michael's case- tackling. If the ropers only succeeded in lassoing one hind leg instead of two, Michael had to wrestle the calf to the ground (apparently no easy task). Michael tries to get sympathy for his bruised/sore body, but I know he was really having the time of his life.

Those activities were not my particular cup of tea, but it was a great weekend. We took rides, ate great eats, found out that I am an amazing shot, and enjoyed our time with the Crandalls. Thanks for a great weekend!