Wednesday, February 17, 2010

{lies vs. surprise}

lies told by my husband.  

The Clark's are making us dinner on Friday night.    That I can go to my classroom and
 get things organized over the long weekend.  We're going to have a small, boring Valentine's Day weekend.


The boys made us dinner on Friday night.  We enjoyed a lovely meal while watching the
 Olympics. As we're leaving the boys say to each other, "See you at 6."  To us, "Girls, you better
 pack your bags."  Sure enough, at 6:30 AM we were on the road to some undisclosed location.
  Around 10 we get off on St. George Boulevard....for gas.  10:30 we're back on the road again.
  We pulled into Vegas for some yummy In 'N Out.  (We haven't eaten at the one in Orem yet-  tragedy!)  

*Thanks for the picture, Jenni

Due to some unforeseen hotel-to-website reservation miscommunications, we were compensated with a top floor suite in this beauty. 

Proof that it was top floor- we had the biggest button in the elevator- woot!

They also gave us credit to this fancy Mexican Restaurant for dinner. 

I was more than ok with our accomodations.  Although, all other hotels will just not be the same now. 

We also went to a Magic Show with tigers and all...

We  saw the Bellagio Gardens, watershow, M&M World and Coke Factory in the beautiful, warm weather.  

As we were crossing the street we ran into the wonderful Melissa!  It was a fun mini New Zealand reunion!  Anyone up for an official reunion?

The next day we went to Mesquite and stayed at the Casa Blanca. (Also a great movie.)
We enjoyed bringing in the Chinese New Year with some great Chinese food.  The boys enjoyed golf in the morning which meant the girls kept ourselves entertained at the Spa including steam room, massages, and some greatly appreciated relaxation.  Not bad for Valentine's Day weekend I'd say.  
Thank you, sneaky boys, for planning a great weekend!