Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It Was Labor Day Weekend, I Was 17...

(Well I now have to add 10 yrs to that number.  How's that for a crazy reality fact?! Wow. Ouch.)

Love Tim McGraw and his song that gets stuck in my head every Labor Day weekend.  Which is over a decade worth according to my confession.  This Labor Day weekend was no exception when it comes to making memories.

Michael's parents drove down from Utah through the night and got here at about 8:30 AM Saturday morning.  That's dedication!  That day we had our wonderful friends the Andersons, Browns and Howards over as well for a great lunch and pool party.

^I just love seeing our pool full of great people!

While the rest of the country sees Labor Day as the end of summer, summer is still thriving and strong in Arizona.  We wish Labor Day was the start of relief from the heat. (Especially a certain hormonal, pregnant lady.) But, alas, woe is me. One day.  One day.

We enjoyed a hot walk along Tempe Town lake with Grandma and Grandpa Shields.

They also joined us for church on Sunday.  We enjoyed playing games and talking Sunday.  Then they got back on the road Monday morning.  Although it was short, we loved having them here.  I especially love seeing our little girl loving on her "mama and papa."


Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Days

Because of the time difference, we found out my sister had her baby on August 5.  Even though he was born on August 6.  Trippy huh!
Well, a few short hours after that great news, we got to see our own sweet baby for the first time:

yep...that's right... Our little Adelaide is going to be a big sister!

It was quite the exciting day because we went in for our "pregnancy confirmation" (10 week) ultrasound.  I had been worried because I felt bigger than I did at 10 weeks with Laila.  When they put the image on the screen, I was also thinking Laila looked like a bean in her 10 week ultrasound. This one looks like a baby. So it was quite the surprise when they said, "This baby is measuring 12 weeks along not 10.  Your due date just went from Feb 20 to Feb 8."  Sweet!

It still seems pretty surreal. We are going to have TWO kids? That belly bump really is a baby.  It's not just the AZ oven heat that is making me feel nauseous. In February, we are going to have a newborn again.  Wow!  It's just incredible.  It's also fascinating that although I've already had a baby, the same anxiously excited feelings are there.  I hope my baby is safe.  I pray that it is strong and healthy.  I hope I can take care of my body so that my body can take care of my baby. And most of all, I hope that I can teach (both) my babies to remember their divine potential.  They are amazing souls and they deserve to be happy. That's my greatest job.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Do you remember this awesome commercial? (HERE) It still cracks me up.

After LOTS of waiting, Laila's first cousin on her Ostler side finally came!  He was due July 28, but he let that stay my sister's birthday and decided to wait until another awesome day in history- August 6! (Our anniversary!) It's a pretty incredible story which you can read more about on Annie's blog OVER HERE

^Sure loved getting these pics sent from my mom.
Check out that HEALTHY boy!

For now, our relationship with Baby Joseph is a LONG distance relationship. Thank heavens for FaceTime and other technology that makes Okinawa, Japan a lot closer.
Laila even got a smile from her cousin the first time they "met"

It's hard to believe that after all our years of playing house together, we both have our babies! I cannot wait until I can snuggle that sweet little guy.  
Until then, I'll just keep bugging my sister for more pictures!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

An Anniversary to Remember

On August 6, we celebrated our 6th year of marriage! What an incredible six years. We celebrated by heading out of the heat and straight to the beach.
^Our travel companion.  Who needs a blankie when you have a box of noodles as comfort.  I'm pretty sure we should get an advertisement contract for this one.

Few things are better than the beach.  Our little girl LOVED playing in the sand this time.  The waves were a bit more intimidating but we still had a blast.

Best family selfie we could get.  We played at Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. 

^Coke almost has me tempted to drink their soda with this name advertising.  Found this one as a shout out to me and my sista.  Okinawa is too far.

This hit the right spot after a nice beach day! (Thanks for the gift card, Christi)

^My happy thought

Collecting shells

^happy, handsome husband

^There he is, boogie-ing on the waves

Had so much fun biking along the beach. I think Laila had the best seat.

^This girl loves her "ice seen"

^Traditional dinner at Ruby's Diner with these two. Love.

Cali vs. AZ- slightly different views.  
But we had a great time.  Laila is at such a fun beach age and it was just the escape our family needed. I'm glad I have such a great husband to enjoy life's adventures with. 
Can't wait to see what our next 6 years of marriage will bring!