Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Crazy Mom Adventures in AZ

A few days after my dad left, my amazing college roommates came to visit me.  They came to save me while Michael was on a work trip AND they came even though my house was a construction zone  as we had just taken out all the tile on our main floor (more on that later.) AND they drove 10+ hours like this:

Let's just say that I cannot believe how loved I am!

Despite how crazy we sound and probably looked with four moms and seven kids, it was such a fun adventure!  We went to Costco, had some SERIOUS ice cream parties, went to the Hall of Flame Museum, a Spring Training Game, AND the botanical gardens.  We had some great food and lots of nice chats.  I feel very lucky to have such amazing friends and it's hard to believe that just a few years ago we were in college!

Costco trip

Everybody was so cute with baby Harrison

At the Fire Museum on St. Patrick's Day.  I missed taking photos of the super cute St. Patty's Day stuff Alisia did for the kids.

My (short) firefighter!

Spring Training! (Due to craziness, this is the only picture I got.  The roommates had some other really cute ones.)

Getting donuts. (Why not add some sugar?)

Heading into the Botanical Gardens

Getting all the kids together for a picture was fun...

Cute friends!

We looked like an awesome parade everywhere we went.

My super talented roomie made all these adorable "Cactuses" shirts for the kids. Of course juice was spilled before I could get a picture.

Captain Beckham with the map.

 It wasn't quite the same adventure as our kids free trip to NYC, but any time spent together is awesome.  I love these ladies and can't wait for our next adventures!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grandma Shields and Grandpa Ostler Come and Stay

About a week after my mom left, we were blessed to have Michael's mom come down.  She is incredibly active and always made my mornings nice and peaceful by taking Laila for bike rides, hikes, and to the park.  She loves being a grandma and my kids are blessed to have her.

^I love how he's holding onto her

^Grandma Shields help us get passports for the two kids.  So excited to have these "happy" faces in their passports...

^She finished this beautiful blanket for Harrison

^While Grandma was here, we went to the children's museum.  So much fun!

Laila with her Grandma.  Playing with shapes and climbing the giant treehouse

^While Grandma was here, Laila started swimming lessons

We are so grateful we had her to ourselves for a week.  It was nice to go on some adventures, have someone play with Laila and even babysit so we could go on a date baby free!

A few days after Grandma Shields left, Grandpa Ostler came to town to meet our sweet Harrison.  He found a great airfare and we are grateful he did!  I cannot believe Harrison is my parents' third grandchild!  
^He squeezed in a few Spring Training games.

^Spoiled Laila by getting her some princess jammies and clothes

Grandpa knows how to push high!

Grandpa with two of his grandbabies

We enjoyed the perfect outside weather

My Ostler grandparents came up from Yuma to meet Harrison.  Four generations! 

We loved walks in the wagon...

...And eating peanuts

Grandpa got Laila a stuffed monkey that she loves!

I loved being outside watching baseball with my TWO kids and my dad.  It was fun having him here! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Camille and Grandma Ostler Come and Stay

These past two months, we've had a whirlwind of welcomed visitors.  It has been so nice to have so much help as we tradition to having two babies and it's been great to be able to have so many adventures.  Camille was our first visitor.  She came a few days before Harrison's birthday.  She was such a great help as I was in the hospital.  She stayed with Laila so Michael could be with me.  She also stayed a night in the hospital so that Michael could stay with Laila.  I'm so grateful I didn't have to worry (more than usual) about Laila being taken care of.  Here are some of my favorites with her:

^Celebrating Camille's birthday

^Wonderful dishwasher

^Laila's dance partner extraordinaire

^She earned her naps.  We appreciate naps around here.

^Happy, wonderful aunt!

Camille left a day or two after my mom got here.  I don't know what it is about a girl having her mommy there, but it's just wonderful.  And my heart absolutely melts hearing my daughter call my mom, "mama." (Grandma) My mom makes cooking and cleaning seem so easy.  She was constantly doing one or the other.  A few of my nesting checklist items didn't get finished because I knew that my mom would do it for me when she got here.  I'm blessed to have her as my mom. 

Two of my favorite people

Train ride

Horsey ride

Making cookies

Getting Valentine presents from Mama & Papa Ostler

Michael had the privilege of having THREE Valentines this year.  He made an amazing dinner for me, my mom, and Laila (and himself.)

We loved having them.  Utah feels a lot further away when we have to say goodbye to family.