Tuesday, July 9, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

We have now been in our new house a little over a month!  I LOVE it here! The projects we have done and are working on make me so excited.  It's just been fun to make this house our home- show it some love.  And I feel like the house loves us back.

Our very first priority when we bought this house was fencing in the pool.  We have a self closing, latched sliding glass door that goes out onto the patio, but I knew we would be able to sleep better if we had a fence.  So we got a few bids, picked a great, local company that did a fantastic job and waited the few weeks it took since it's busy pool season. We are really happy with how it turned out and with the peace of mind we have for now.



When the temperatures are not reaching 120, landscaping might become more of a priority.  But for now, that pool is all we need.

We've changed out a few light fixtures.  I discovered I kind of love light fixtures.  They are so fun and make such a subtle/drastic change. (I realize those are opposites, but that's the best way to describe it.)
Front door before:

Front door after:

 Dining Room before with previous owner's furniture:
(Can I just add that we have found these exact fixtures on the EXTERIOR of homes in the area. I'm wondering if putting them inside was an upcycle?)

Dining Room after:

Oops! How did that adorable picture slip in there?

We have done A LOT of unpacking and organizing. Blah.  Good thing it feels really great to see the finished product because, man, I don't like it.

The room that has been getting the most attention lately and has undergone quite the transformation is our family room.
Before pic with previous owner's furniture:

  Middle pic:

 After with entertainment center, new couch, framed window and curtains up:
 (We still have a few things we want to do like new rug, a chair by the fireplace, some moldings around the fireplace and new baseboards, etc. So stay tuned for those.)

Piece by piece, it's coming together. I need to remember to be patient. I get so excited that waiting is hard.  But that's also the fun of a new house.  One thing is for sure, this little girl sure looks adorable in her new surroundings.