Thursday, June 20, 2013

She said, he said

On May 31, Laila and I got on a plane headed to SLC to visit our family.

On June 1, Michael boarded a plane to start his journey to India.  He was headed there on business and I was super excited for him although there was a tinge of jealousy and pouty because he didn't wait and take me.  But whatever...

Laila and I had a blast.  Utah is so beautiful this time of year.  Laila LOVED being outside.  Grandma & Grandpa and aunties and uncle all loved taking her out on the swing and the slide. We got to go to my cousin's little girl's baptism and see lots of family. We also went to church with our Shields cousins.

Michael loved the diversity, traffic (and having a driver), the shops and his accommodations weren't too bad either.

We got to go to Melanie's seminary graduation, visit with lots of mommy's friends (including some not pictured like the lovelies- Brooke, Kelsy, Alisia and her babies) and have some play dates with Atticus and Jay.

Michael enjoyed seeing the different parts of the country, the culture, and trying different foods. He usually stuck to a pretty basic breakfast since he knew that dinner would be a bit more adventurous.  AND he missed us.  He even left a chair for me.

We played with bubbles, showed that Blue Blood runs in our veins (Go Cougars!), and enjoyed mini golf with our cousins.   I enjoyed a girls night with Katie and Christi.  We went to see "Ragtime" and ran into my cute friend Alicia!  She lived in AZ until about a year ago, so it was absolutely wonderful to see her! I wish intermission had been WAY longer so we could have chatted more.

Michael fell in love with elephants.  (Even though he didn't get to ride one) And the intricate details of everything.  He also got to see the Taj Mahal. (I don't even want to talk about how envious I am about that.)  What a phenomenal place!

While we were in Utah, Adelaide suddenly became a little big girl! (I know she's growing everyday, but there are some periods where it feels like she takes a big leap instead of inch by inch.  This trip was one of those.)  We went to Melanie's High School graduation.  Go Davis! I felt a bit old as I was thinking about how long ago I was sitting down there trying to find my family up in the crowd. We did some shopping, listened to Camille speak in church before her mission, and enjoyed lots of swing time with Grandpa.

Although all of us Shields had a blast on our trips, it was time for us to meet back up.  Saying goodbye is not our favorite thing...

And being greeted by 100+ degree weather is never fun.  Especially when your car looks like this...

But, we sure love being together.  We made some great memories and are excited to continue showing some love to our "new" house.