Monday, February 27, 2012

Who's The Dead Man That Hit Me With The Salt Shaker?

So I'm hoping in saying this, I'm not "spilling the salt." But, I have been thinking these past couple of weeks how nice my pregnancy has been, especially comparatively. I know people who have had it a lot worse than me and I thought with my height and luck, it would be a lot worse. But, she's been really nice to mommy so far. Now, I'm still me so I complain sometimes and I'm sure as these next 5 weeks come, I will have some more comments. But I have a lot to be grateful for...
-My feet and ankles really only swell a little bit at the end of the day.
-I can still wear my wedding ring!
-I have still been able to sleep my lovely 8-9 hrs a night. (There are many potty breaks during that time.)
-I'm no longer nauseous like the 1st trimester. (Even then, I didn't have it too bad. But I don't miss it.)
-I don't have any foods that I really need to avoid due to food aversion.
-I haven't had heart burn too bad.
-Baby Girl does not beat up my ribs with kicks. She has nice love taps and flips that let me know she's still there.
-I have actually been pretty cold. I thought I would be sweating my life away since I'm usually hot blooded. (Thus, I will try to avoid being pregnant through an AZ summer as much as possible.)
-I haven't had any rude comments from people yet. My dad was actually the one who asked if I'm sure I'm not having twins, but he thought he was being so funny.
-I have had the energy I need to teach everyday. (I sit more than usual, but I can still help)

These are just a few things that I feel like I should remember in case the next 5 weeks & beyond bring some negative thoughts or "what was I thinking?" moments. We are piecing together Baby's room which is fun and trying to get things ready. But for now, Baby Girl can take as much time as she needs because life is good and I am terrifyingly excited to meet our sweet girl.

Can you imagine how much this adorable profile has changed in 15+ weeks?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Still My Soul

Today we slept in, ate cereal in bed, then Michael vacuumed the main room while I took a long, hot shower. I tried on a few dresses trying to decide which I was most comfortable in. We slowly got ready for church. Then we ate some yogurt and fruit out on the patio. After that, we left early for church so that we could get soft seats. Enjoyed a good day at church. When we came home, we had a nice picnic lunch in the backyard and basked in the sunlight.

Michael then made a wonderful lasagna for our dinner with his coworker and his family. There's nothing more attractive than a man in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, puppy and I took a nap. (Normally I would never post sleeping pictures, but it's what I do a lot now. It's only fair to document.)

Dinner was delicious. They brought homemade lemon bars from their lemon tree. What a wonderful February treat. I really feel our winters are a reward we get for living here with the intense summers. It was a wonderful day. The weather was beautiful and not having to do anything because my husband took over was the cherry on top. That is why I love Sundays. It's a day for the soul to rest. Even if I feel like a balloon. The clock keeps ticking!

(I know after bragging about the wonderful weather, I should have some kind of tan. But nope.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thoughts of the day...

So I've had a couple of thoughts today.

First off, I'm not sure how this boy...
Became this 14 year old!

He used to be my baby brother. I just don't understand. It's really mind boggling. My sisters birthdays always make me feel like they are getting closer to my age. They aren't, but it's not as weird to me. I guess moving to college when he was in kindergarten will do that. What a fun addition to our girl dominated family he is. Happy birthday to my favorite brother!

Other time zooming thoughts are thinking how crazy it is that in about 7 short weeks, our lives will never be the same. We will have a baby girl that will be ours forever. I pretty much have every emotion possible right now. I'm excited. I'm terrified. I'm tired. I'm happy. You name it. I wonder if we will be ready. I wonder if we will be good parents. I pray that she doesn't come too early because then I'll have to go back to work. I worry that I'm not prepared. I hope that she is healthy and strong. I love her little flips and kicks. And now as we inch closer, I am just so anxious to see her! And my curiosity leads me to also wonder if she will be in this category...

Or this baby category...

*I'm pretty sure this is no one's actual baby, but if it is no offense is intended, it's just one Google Images pulled up*

I know we as her parents will probably always put her in the first category, but you have to wonder...