Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slide Rock

A couple of weekends ago we went camping in Sedona, AZ. Camping in Arizona heat? Some of you may ask. Luckily, Sedona is a few hours north of Phoenix and higher elevation. Therefore, it was nice and breezy. We went with our friends, the Andersons, who are also doing an internship with Honeywell this summer. Michael and I got to use our fun camping gear that we got for our wedding. I always find that part of camping fun. And our campsites had NICE flush toilets and showers, so it was high quality camping. But it's starting to become a tradition that Michael has to have a bloody nose right at the beginning of the trip. (Sorry for the gore.)
Hawaii 2009:

Arizona 2009:

Sedona is a pretty ritzy town. It reminded me a lot of Park City. As you go up the canyon there is a fun little spot called Slide Rock. We got there at just the right time because a little after we got there the line to get into the state park went out onto the canyon road and they were only letting in a car if another car left the park. I guess we found ourselves a hot spot!
After a short hike, we got to the river. It was like going to the beach. You are there and think you have thought of everything that you need to bring. Then you look around and recognize those that REALLY know how to do it right by bringing things like a cabana, barbeque, hammocks, sports equipment, water toys for all ages, the works. Slide Rock is Arizona's beach. There were large groups and families that had the works. I'll admit, they were mostly Latino families. But they know how to do it right. We still had fun though. The rock in the river is really smooth and slick and makes a natural water slide. The water is FREEZING. I'm talking when you get out of the water you are actually warmer. But I'm glad I did it.

Everyone had to do a lot of convincing:

We didn't get hypothermia but we did get a few scraped bums and Michael got a nice fatty bruise on his elbow when he wiped out on the rocks like oh so many others did that day. It was a fun weekend and we are officially enjoying summer.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ratty's Wedding Weekend

This past Friday, we drove up to Utah. The original plan was that since we're in Phoenix for the summer, I would just fly up to Alisia's wedding and Michael would have to stay and work. Although it's only a little over an hour of a flight, I could not find round-trip tickets for less than $250.00! A little pricey for me, especially since driving is a small fraction of the cost. Therefore, Michael agreed to drive with me. (That would stink to drive by myself.) We left at 11:30 AM (Arizona Time) and didn't get to Kaysville until 11:00 PM (Utah Time). I have now decided that is WAY TOO long of a drive for my taste. And the cost of a plane ticket may just be priceless.

Saturday was Alisia's wedding and I was so excited to be there. Michael, my mom and I drove to the temple together and we were a little behind schedule/I was really worried we would be too late. Thank heavens we made it on time and were able to be there! It was a beautiful day. Alisia and Jason compliment each other so well. It was all sunshine!

This is the happy couple coming out as Mr. & Mrs.:

And some pics before my camera ran out of battery: Not so flattering picture of me, but I love my mom. She did my hair that day! It made me feel like I was a little girl again.

I already miss these girls:

It was a great day. We were doing wedding stuff all day and the fun didn't end until about 10. Michael and I were lucky to stay with his sister, Christi, and her husband, Bryce, Saturday night. It was fun to see them and their adorable Baby Brycen. I love holding him! All this fun had to end and Sunday morning at 5 AM we got on the road for AZ. It's an awfully early time of day but sleeping for a good chunk of the drive makes it a little more decent.

During the drive back, Michael and I talked about how that could be one of the last times I see the girls whom I still call my roommates although we are all married now. It was a little heavy to think about how our lives are already starting to take us to different corners of the country. I really love these girls. I always think how lucky I am to have these friends. I am also always amazed at how our conversations can go on forever if there's nothing to stop us. We are a varied group but we have had some great times together over all these years. There were many laughs, tears, jokes, trips and oh so many photo opps!

I am blessed to have such a great, supportive group of roommates.

Compliments of Horito:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Beginning?

Oh boy! I'm not quite sure what I'm getting into. But I'm an official blogger. I think. We'll see if this works. We do have a lot of great things going on so I'm excited to get this started.