Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get This Show Back on the Road

I can't believe it's already December!  There's so much fun to be had, it's hard to keep up.

Remember when it was Thanksgiving?  I LOVE that holiday.  What a perfect concept.  Being surrounded by loved ones, focusing on what we are thankful for and eating lots.  My kind of day.  This year we stayed in Phoenix for the actual Thanksgiving day.  We had dinner with other "orphaned" families in our ward.  It was a fancy "potluck" and the food and company were wonderful.

The next day, our little family took a quick drive over to San Diego to meet up with my family.  They had just spent the week in Disneyland (lucky!) and then went south for Mel's soccer tournament.  I love that we got to meet up with them.  And seriously, could anyone ever get sick of this view?

Even though Mel's team didn't come away champions again, we loved watching her and being with family.  And, of course, Adelaide got a lot of lovin' from her aunts and uncles.

(Camille was good at telling me to take pictures.  Therefore, she's the one who is always holding my baby.  Well played, Camilley! And don't be fooled, Laila loves smooches and Auntie Camille.  She just has funny faces.)

(We even got to see Uncle Dallin and the Shields on their way home from Mexico! Score!)

We were also able to squeeze in a nice stroll along the beach.  *sigh* I love the beach...

and my mom...

and our little family...

I'm grateful for anytime we can get with our families and for the beautiful surroundings we had this Thanksgiving.  See you in 2013, Thanksgiving break!