Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Due to my computer being on it's deathbed, this is the only picture I have of Camille right now.  Good thing it's one of my favorites of this amazingly talented sister of mine.  She turns 18 today.  When did all this growing up business happen?  Camille has always been one of the most stubborn, hard headed persons I have ever known.  I swear she was over the age of three before anyone could convince her that she didn't need a bottle and a binkie anymore.  Even then, it was her that eventually said no.  She absolutely refused to give up when many questioned if she would be able to walk again.  Instead, she set track records and became one of the most powerful soccer players that I know.  That same stubborness drives me crazy sometimes but, she still is quite the amazing girl!  Happy Birthday to the blue-eyed sister!  Love you!  

A sad heart

The past few weeks have felt like one of those times where you just keep getting hit with tragedies and bad news.  It makes my heart hurt.  Today was an especially sad one when I found out that two LDS missionaries died in Romania, Annie's mission, on Friday night.  The cause is said to be a natural gas leak that asphyxiated them.  I don't know yet if Annie knew them but I assume she did.  My heart aches for their families and their losses.  I know that it is a great reminder of the power in the Plan of Happiness and eternal families, but for right now, it makes me very sad.  I really hope that all those with heavy loads will be comforted.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Pray for's not blasphemous..."

This was read by me on a sign at the BYU Outdoor gear shop.  You have to love BYU!  Despite the many negative things that the freezing, Winter temperatures bring, there is always one thing that makes all the negative things worth it--  Skiing!  I love it and I wish I was better at it.  I don't know why wearing three layers of clothes plus winter clothes, putting on extremely awkward to walk in boots, having numb fingers and toes,  and dripping noses can be considered so much fun, but none the less- it really is.  Many fond memories have been made while I was skiing.  Over the break was no exception.

Michael's family lives right by the mouth of Cottonwood canyon, so we have already been a few times this season.  We were glad we were able to go, especially when Christi and Bryce were here.  Everyone skiied except Michael and Bryce.  They were the snowboarders...  I know a lot of people think it's "cool" to snowboard, but I seriously do not see how that could be fun.  I've seen some with talent, but for the most part, I only see them on their rears or wiping out down the whole slope.  How is that fun?  To me, it's not.  To Michael, it is.  In his defense, he doesn't spend the whole time on his fanny and he's getting good.  I'm sure this picture is just a "breather."

We even got Michael's dad to get back on skis for the first time in 20+ years.  Don't be fooled though, he was no bunny hill dweller.  Here's a shot of the whole group:   (You have to love Isaiah's smile...)

I sure do love that snow!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

...and a Happy New Year!

This year was the first year that I have celebrated New Years Eve in Provo.  It turned out great.  Our friends came over and we used our fondue pot wedding present for the very first time.  We melted chocolate and dipped many wonderful things into in it.  Chocolate goes well with everything!
 *Picture taken after we started cleaning up.  I'm just glad I got some...Thanks to Jenni...

We played games and, of course, celebrated the clock striking 12 by...
 blowing our dollar store horns

...and lighting our dollar store sparklers which looked great...

...but didn't last that long...

We then broke Elementary School teachers' curfews by staying up after that to watch "Angels and Demons." Quite the thinking/suspense movie for after midnight!  I will admit, I was not as confused watching it as I was with "The DaVinci Code."  Thank heavens I took AP Art History in high school.

I cannot believe it is already 2010!  Also, what is this year being called? Twenty-ten? or Two Thousand Ten?  I do like New Years.  It's fun to see what was accomplished and to feel like there's a fresh start with a brand new year.  And what a great way to bring it in!