Monday, February 27, 2012

Who's The Dead Man That Hit Me With The Salt Shaker?

So I'm hoping in saying this, I'm not "spilling the salt." But, I have been thinking these past couple of weeks how nice my pregnancy has been, especially comparatively. I know people who have had it a lot worse than me and I thought with my height and luck, it would be a lot worse. But, she's been really nice to mommy so far. Now, I'm still me so I complain sometimes and I'm sure as these next 5 weeks come, I will have some more comments. But I have a lot to be grateful for...
-My feet and ankles really only swell a little bit at the end of the day.
-I can still wear my wedding ring!
-I have still been able to sleep my lovely 8-9 hrs a night. (There are many potty breaks during that time.)
-I'm no longer nauseous like the 1st trimester. (Even then, I didn't have it too bad. But I don't miss it.)
-I don't have any foods that I really need to avoid due to food aversion.
-I haven't had heart burn too bad.
-Baby Girl does not beat up my ribs with kicks. She has nice love taps and flips that let me know she's still there.
-I have actually been pretty cold. I thought I would be sweating my life away since I'm usually hot blooded. (Thus, I will try to avoid being pregnant through an AZ summer as much as possible.)
-I haven't had any rude comments from people yet. My dad was actually the one who asked if I'm sure I'm not having twins, but he thought he was being so funny.
-I have had the energy I need to teach everyday. (I sit more than usual, but I can still help)

These are just a few things that I feel like I should remember in case the next 5 weeks & beyond bring some negative thoughts or "what was I thinking?" moments. We are piecing together Baby's room which is fun and trying to get things ready. But for now, Baby Girl can take as much time as she needs because life is good and I am terrifyingly excited to meet our sweet girl.

Can you imagine how much this adorable profile has changed in 15+ weeks?


  1. I am so happy you can wear you wedding ring still! Mine I had to take off in my ninth month and I only did because the doctor realized I still was wearing it. I told her I just kept it on because it got to hard to take on and off and she said it's better to keep off at that point so they don't eventually have to cut it off. Yikes. You better believe I took it off right when I got home. With a lot of work :) So great you can still wear yours because then you don't feel like white trash...

  2. Um, I don't get the title of this post, but I'm glad you are feeling well, and good luck the next few weeks! Very exciting!

  3. The title of the post is from Dumb & Dumber.. hilarious :) Look at her cute little profile, I love it! I'm glad you have had a somewhat easy pregnancy. I have too for the most part and I love it. Baby boy can stay in there for a few more weeks. No rush :)

  4. I can't wait for baby to come!