Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Servings a Day!

We just returned home after being gone for over two weeks.  It's nice to be back home but the weather is starting to heat up!  This time of year in Arizona is not our favorite but there are definitely some good aspects of it being summer.   Cheap golf for Michael, time off from work for Jenn, and amazing deals on delicious produce:

See in this picture are:
  • 5 Pineapples ($1 each) - so delicious!
  • 1 Canteloupe (50 cents each)
  • 8 ears of corn (8 for $1)
  • 5 avocados (5 for $1)
  • 6 bananas (33 cents per pound)
The total was less than 9 bucks!  Now all we need are visitors to help us eat it....


  1. we're coming, we're coming. no really, we're coming.

  2. Wow. We miss your money saving secrets!

  3. Seriously? So jealous. Michael should teach a money saving class or something.

  4. 5 avocadoes for a buck?!?? We are coming too!!!!!!!

  5. Ugh! I miss AZ cheap produce. I've decided to give Bountiful Baskets a try next week. Our whole grocery bill is atleast $100 more per month here in Utah than it was in AZ, and it's because of the produce. It was so fun seeing you while you were here. Can't wait until next time!