Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 Months Old

Our little Laila is two months old as of yesterday... She had her Drs appt and shots today.  Which is why this post is today and not yesterday.  I wanted her statistics on here, but I didn't know how excited she would be to have pictures taken after shots.  So we took some pictures yesterday on her actual two month mark.
Adelaide is a wonderful little lady!
-She is 23 inches tall- 75 percentile
-11 lbs- 56 percentile
-13 inch round head- 92 percentile- still her mother's daughter.
- She is starting to smile more and more.
- I love watching her feet do little dances all day.
-I cannot wait to hear her giggle. I've gotten her close.
-She traveled to 4 different states in two weeks and was still sweet.
-She didn't sleep in the same bed more than once for multiple days on our trip so sleep routines weren't the best, but now that we are home, I'm hoping she gets to rest more.
-She is still a chatty little bug. Cooing and talking all day.
-She does not like being in a dirty diaper and she likes pooping as soon as she gets a new diaper on. But I don't mind as long as she's getting the nutrients she needs and not having tummy aches.
-Laila loves being held by great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, mom, dad, friends, anyone.
-When she is held, she likes facing out so she can see.
-She also likes to lay on her back on her blanket.
-She also loves staring at her butterfly mobile which makes mom really happy since it was her mobile from college.
We just love her! And I have to say, I don't consider myself a violent person, but when that nurse made my baby cry by giving her the shots, I wanted to punch her in the face.  And she was doing something to help my baby.  I can only imagine how I would feel if someone intentionally hurt my baby! No worries, I did not hurt the nurse.  She was very professional and sweet about the whole thing, Laila's innocent cry just broke my heart.
She's getting so tall...
 Still blue eyed girl...
 Look at that smile!


  1. I just can't wait to hold her again!

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  3. I was signed into the wrong profile and didn't know if you'd know what Whitney left a message. Ha! So fun that she's already two months :) I love the pictures. Too cute!

  4. Oh my goodness, Atticus' head is super tiny. It's in the 6th percentile... We need to put those two together.

    But also it's 14.8 inches so now I'm confused.

  5. Oh I'm dreading the shots... Henry screamed at his 2 week check up when they pricked his heel. I can only imagine multiple shots. Miss Adelaide is adorable!

  6. She's so cute! Love her little dress.