Friday, September 16, 2016

Croatia- Totally worth it!

On Wednesday morning, we drove to a small town in Hungary that Michael had a site visit.  While he was at his meetings, the kids and I played at a nearby playground and also enjoyed some ice cream (of course.)

Guess what flavor Laila picked?

It worked out nicely though, because from there we continued driving into Croatia.  We stayed the night in Zagreb so that Michael could finish some things for work since he took the next couple of days off!  Thursday we got on the road and went to Plitvice Lakes National Park.  It was incredible and it just kept getting better!
At first we were a bit hesitant because this was the line to get on the boats that took you out to the hike we wanted to go on.  Definitely a bit more hectic, crowded for our liking.  But look at that water!  The colors were incredible!  When we got across the lake, we were trying to get on the right trail that we wanted to go on but we were confused because the signs and the maps didn't match up.  In frustration Michael said, "It's a popular trail.  You would think there would be a big ass sign telling us where to go!"  Laila replied, "Yeah! I don't see a big 's' anywhere!"  It was too funny and her interpretation made the whole situation a lot more comical.  Fortunately, we did find the right trail and it was worth it!  It was a beautiful trail along lakes and waterfalls and streams.  There were parts where you were walking on a boardwalk through these amazingly clear waters.  There are just not words to describe it.  We felt pretty sure this is what the Garden of Eden looked like.

This is Laila looking down into the water.  Not looking at an aquarium! It's pretty incredible!

The water was so vibrant and clear!

We took LOTS of pictures!

It was a day well spent and after all the hiking we did, we cooled off with some ice cream!

Harrison did not understand why we should take a picture instead of just enjoying- I guess. (Or maybe he was thinking he should have got what Michael picked. ;)

That night we stayed in a sweet AirBnb apartment.  The owner was great to work with and Laila LOVED that the beds were pink and purple.  They only had twin bed so we made it work for us.

The apartment was also right by the beach so we didn't waste anytime in the morning to get there! 

There is just not much that can compare to the relaxation that comes with a day in the sand and water!  We enjoyed our time.  Stopped for lunch at a nice place with a great view of the beach and continued on our way to the next adventure in Slovenia!

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  1. That water! And Laila's comment was the best. Haha Kids are always listening.