Saturday, September 10, 2016

Paris is Always a Good Idea

Before we came to Europe, we made a list of our top places that we wanted to see while we were here.  Paris was on mine since I had never been before.  A lot of the others on my list were able to coincide with some work trips of Michael's but unfortunately, they had had a big work meeting in Paris right before we left and so there wasn't a direct need for Michael to go there.  Fortunately, things like that don't stop my husband from making things happen!  He knew he had some work meetings in Germany and Switzerland so he made it so that we could fly into Germany and drive to Paris for the weekend! (He loves me!) And oh! How magical it is!

Sadly, our trip started off rough.  We were at the airport by 6 AM for our early flight to Germany where we were planning on driving to Paris from there.  However, we got to the airport and they said our flight had been delayed until 3:30 PM that day! WHAT!? Because of that delay, we asked if we could switch to the direct flight to Paris.  That was working for us, but then we had to worry about getting a rental car in Paris but returning the rental car in Germany was going to cost big so we were trying to figure that all out.  By some miracle, when we FINALLY got to Paris, they said they didn't have any cars except one with German plates.  We said we could return that to Germany for them so we didn't have to pay the return fee! MIRACLE! After all that crazy of a day, it was late and we were pretty exhausted so we got to the hotel in Paris and fell asleep.

Trying to stay distracted at the airport...

Laila thought these were hilarious

Perfect carry on size!

The next day, we spent most of the day driving out to Versailles and enjoying the opulant palace and gardens there! It's pretty incredible!

Good thing the driveway is huge so that it can hold the line it takes to get in. ;)

There is a special exhibit there right now.  This is one piece.  Another is the "floating" waterfall in the gardens. It only turns on a few times a day so I saw it on while we were in the palace but couldn't get a good picture outside.

Laila took this one for us! 

That evening we went to Sacre Coeur in Paris.  We enjoyed the walk to the top, the view and the yummy dinner we had there.

Not the best photo thanks to us hustling home for bedtime, but macarons must be documented. ;)

The next day was jammed pack trying to fit in as much as we could before Michael had a big work meeting.  It started with the Eiffel Tower!  We went all the way to the top and loved seeing the city!

The European Cup was in Paris while we were there so they had this giant soccer ball hanging from the bottom of the tower.

They also had that huge, blue screen in the park below that crowds could gather to watch the games. Loved the excited atmosphere!

From the tower, we took the walk along the river to see the city and get to the Louvre!

We stopped for some lunch right outside the museum and enjoyed some crepes for dessert! My kind of meal!

And then there was the LOUVRE! I loved finally actually being there and getting to cross off some of my AP Art History list of things to see.

Nike of Samothrace was probably my favorite!

"Meeting" this famous lady was pretty special too! She's tiny but legendary!

And of course we saw THE Notre Dame! It's definitely as beautiful as I would hoped it would be!


There was a choir singing inside when we got there.  Laila asked if they were "angels or fairies."  It did sound magical!

Oh... those flying buttresses! 

Our time in Paris was short but so enchanting.  We know we will come back again! Until next time, Paris, au revoir!

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  1. Paris is a must do if you are living in Europe for 6 months.