Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sweet Switzerland- Part I

After Germany, Michael had some meetings in Bern, Switzerland.  I cannot even believe how brilliant all the colors are in Switzerland! The water! The mountains! The green! The clouds! It was amazing! (I had to split this post into two because of all the pictures that we took- even though we were only there for a few days!) We walked into town for dinner after Michael's meetings and absolutely could not believe our eyes.  What a sky line!

It was such a great walk through the gardens.  Laila wanted her picture taken a lot. ;)

The next day, we drove out to Zurich and we stopped in a sweet little town to explore the Swiss Alps a bit.  I cannot get over the water of the lake at the bottom.  So gorgeous.  Also fun to know, the Swiss flag is only one of two sovereign states to have a square flag instead of rectangle.  (The other square is Vatican City.) 

Laila loves swans! I do too- especially when their graceful white juxtaposes with that water!

We were taken up the train by this awesome train pushing us up.  What a climb! I could not stop taking pictures because everything was just breathtaking!

Harrison LOVED the "choo choo" and all the cows ("moos!")

Once we got to the top,  we hiked up to the very top and just marveled at the view. The clouds would come in and cover us and then quickly blow out showing off Switzerland again.  It was an amazing afternoon on top of that mountain!

We even made friends with this mountain goat! Michael was setting up our tripod for a family picture and this guy came pretty darn close to the set up.  I was nervous he was going to knock over the camera.  Instead, Michael took this picture of him before the goat somehow just walked his way down what to me was a pretty steep cliff.  It was awesome!

Clearing our heads.

Heads in the clouds.

Absolutely incredible day! Easily one of my favorite moments of all of our adventures!

That night we stayed at the most darling hotel in Zurich.  Laila LOVED it because they had cute Winnie the Pooh dishes for her and....

...they had these awesome toy horses in the lobby that somehow self trot/roll around. Laila felt like she was a master horse rider!

While we were in Switzerland, we also stopped on our way out of Bern at the beautiful temple!  I love being on temple grounds and I love having my children there even more so!  This one looks very similar to the New Zealand temple which means I really love it. ;)

President Monson has said that as we touch the temple, the temple will touch us.  I want my kids to feel the joyful significance of temples on the Earth today.  I'm grateful they could be there with us.

Our eternal family loved being able to see the Bern, Switzerland temple!

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