Thursday, January 12, 2017

So Lovely Slovenia

We were really tempted to skip Slovenia and stay in Croatia the rest of our time there.  While we would have LOVED more time in Croatia, I'm so glad we didn't miss Slovenia! It is definitely another gem on this incredible planet!

Our first stop is the incredible Predjama Castle!  Probably my favorite of the castles that we saw.  It's built into the mountain which made it virtually impenetrable by it's enemies and includes a complex set of caves and tunnels which made it possible for the owners to get supplies from villages even if the front of the castle was under attack.  In fact, the legend is the only reason an attacking army was able to win a victory was because a servant of the king was paid to light a candle in the bathroom window (far left part of the castle) while the king was in there so they could bomb him there.  Rough way to be betrayed! Yikes!  
I think the castle is an incredibly powerful example especially since at this point of history that's what life was- armies concurring land and kingdoms.  I want my home to metaphorically be that strong.  It also gets the title of one of my favorites for this incredibly beautiful view!

Inside the inner castle caves looking out and looking up into other tunnels. 

Harrison and I coming out of the "Old castle" which everything was built around.

The next day we decided that we would go out to Lake Bled.  We had heard lots of incredible things about it so we thought we'd just drive out there for the morning and come back into the capital city, Ljubljana and explore the rest of the day.  When you see the pictures of Lake Bled, you will see why we didn't end up leaving until 5 PM!

I just cannot see pictures and places like this and doubt there is a God!  It was just breathtaking!

We started out the day by walking down to the lake and taking one of these boats to the little island of the lake- meanwhile loving all the colors, hills, castle and greenery surrounding us!

You get dropped off at the dock and have about 40 mins to hang out on the tiny island, tour the church, eat some gelato (of course!) and walk around.

Definitely could have stayed there all day...

These two! Love!


We stopped for lunch at a charming little spot on the lake.  They gave me a rose- very nice touch! ;)

We then walked to our next adventure which we had seen on the lake when we were in the boat...

... Totally worth it!!!

Like Croatia, we could have stayed in Lake Bled much longer but we did end up leaving so we could see some of the picturesque city, Ljubljana and enjoy some nice dinner! 

This girl can take care of a bowl of noodles!

It's been so fun to relive these memories as I've finally finished this post.  Now I'm going to see how we can make it back to Slovenia one day! 

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