Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snowflake 3.0

This weekend was time for the third annual Snowflake, AZ trip. It is a very welcomed escape from the valley heat. We are glad the Baers could make it with us again this year!

The agenda...
Wake up really early. Drive 3 hours. Avoid overheating the car. See the beautiful, Snowflake temple on top of the plateau as you drive over the hill.

We did a temple session which is perfect because the Mesa temple is closed.

After the temple, we had lunch at none other than the Skillet. For the past two years, we pretty much could pick any seat in the house at the Skillet, but Saturday was quite the different story! See the crowd we had to fight to get our sweet table? (That's why the bottom three are blurry.)

Lesson learned last year, the hamburgers are good!

Up next was the golf course. It's such a fun course. And this is coming from the non-golfer. I did take some fun swings though. Look at me keeping my eye on the ball.

Maybe one day I'll be a golfer...

Everyone else did great though...

Good form, sweetheart!

With colors like these, who wouldn't have jumping pictures?
Sorry for the tank top showing...

Best Picture of the Day...

I enjoyed my Big Bikkie imitation. Then we enjoyed the ride home. It was great being with friends and taking in the view!

Dear Snowflake,
See you next year!
Love, The Shields


  1. I'm liking that dress. I'm pretty sure that I would like to own that whole outfit. You look great.

  2. I am in love with that blue dress! You look smokin, jenn!

  3. dear jenn,
    I want to see your pictures bigger.

  4. I agree you look darling! What a fun trip. Jumping pictures are always a good time!

  5. That jumping picture sure brings back memories...except for beautiful Chicago was behind you instead. You should definitely come visit again!!