Friday, November 7, 2014


Bless Utah for having UEA weekend.  Will had a baseball tournament in Phoenix so we got to have him, my dad, my mom, my Cook grandparents, and Mel Mel visit us for a weekend in October.  We were quite the group anywhere we went.  My grandparents are getting older in age and so getting in and out of cars is always a process for them.  Then we also had my mom who tore her ACL this summer hobbling out of the car.  THEN we also had Mel Mel who had a bad collision and miraculously only tore her MCL in her knee. So she was on crutches and a brace hobbling out of the car.  Add a pregnant waddler and some toddlers to the mix and we were quite the sight to see. Haha!  We enjoyed hanging out together and going to games.  We saw "Meet the Mormons" together and I really enjoyed it.  Highly recommend it. It was definitely a short visit, but I loved having them in our home.

^The Sushi eaters.  My sister in Japan is so proud

^PS We sure missed this girl! She comes home in one month! Huzzah! 


  1. Fun to have visitors! I can't believe Camille is almost home. Time flies!

  2. Visitors are the best! Especially when it's your family. That's so exciting that Camille is almost home

  3. There's another sister you forgot to say you miss.... ;)

  4. One month!! Crazy exciting! And whose dog?