Saturday, June 7, 2014

Feeling the heat...and the love

Michael was gone for almost two weeks but I only stayed in Utah one week. So I was really lucky my roomie, Alisia and her two cute kids, agreed to drive all the way to Phoenix with us and stay the week.  We are talking 10+ hr drive and over 100 degree weather for a week.  Yeah. We felt loved! It worked out great though, both of our husbands were away for work and so we just enjoyed being moms together. It was quite the picture to see my car completely filled with two moms and three car seats. We were going to stay in Kingman for the night, but when we got there, we decided to chug on through. That's right. We made it all the way in one day!  Thank heavens our kids were troopers.

 ^This happened for like 5 minutes...

Train Park:

Lots of this happened:

Jumpy jumpy:

Crazy meal time adventures:

Stairs are mom's worst nightmares and kid's favorite 'toy.'

I know I have more pictures from our adventures, but my photo organization is all out of whack right now.  We really had such a fun time with Alisia and as Laila says, "her friends." They were lifesavers and kept us having fun even though Michael wasn't there.  I feel pretty fortunate to have friendships that can last all these years (And hopefully many more to come!)


  1. Yay for friends when you're husbandless!

  2. I love the kids squished in the backseat!

  3. I super super love your collage of pictures above Laila's head !