Saturday, April 5, 2014

"TWO" Cute

Our little girl is suddenly two! I'm shocked and awed at how grown up she is already! We had a great day celebrating her and the joy she is to us.
This is her in her special cupcake jammies from her Grandpa Ostler before bed. She's pretty excited to turn two.
^Love that smile!

Michael and I stayed up way too late blowing up balloons and baking cake (& FINALLY doing the overflowing dishes.)  But her reactions the next day made everything completely worth it!

 ^I'm sorry she's blurry but it was too cute to pass up.

After breakfast and the gym, we went to the Tempe Aquarium because we knew she would love all the "ish."  She was super happy until we made the mistake of stamping her hand. She was pretty upset about that and became a bit bipolar the rest of the time. Loving the fish and then remembering she wanted to be grumpy.  Overall, it was a fun adventure.  We got a good deal through AAA so we will definitely enjoy the aquarium again during the hot summer months. (We always enjoy a good air conditioned activity during the summer!)

When we got home, it was nap time. While the birthday girl got some rest, my Ostler grandparents came up from Yuma to celebrate with us!  We got the cake and presents ready so that when she woke up, we could sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles.  (CandleS. Plural. I can't believe it.) She has been practicing blowing out my scented candles all year to get ready for the big day, but she still wanted our help. 

She tried a few sprinkles from her cake this year and enjoyed the ice cream- which I'd say is a huge improvement from last year.  We were so glad my grandparents could be there with us.

After cake and ice cream, we opened presents.  Most of them were from her grandmas and grandpas. We kept marveling at the fact that all of Laila's grandparents and great grandparents are still alive! She's a lucky girl.  
It took Laila a second to catch on to the concept of opening presents. She kept wanting to stop and play with whatever she opened and she gave Grandma all the clothes so that she could look at them. "See, Mama!"-Laila 

That evening, my Grandma and I went to the General Women's Meeting which felt like the cherry on top of an incredible day! 
I wish I could put into words how incredibly happy our little Adelaide makes us.  Eternal families are that much more amazing because we have her.  Two years ago, the world definitely became a better place.


  1. I can't believe you had the audacity to try and ruin her birthday by stamping her hand. Shame shame haha. I miss her so much!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, SHE'S TWO!! What a cutie! She's so lucky she has two loving parents and a wonderful house to grow up in! Happy birthday, little Laila!

  3. She's darling! Although, I must confess, when I looked at the first picture, my first thought was actually, "That carpet looks so soft!" :) I chuckled about her bipolar-ism at the Aquarium - those darn hand stamps, hahaha!

  4. Her little face! I just want to squish her. Come visit.

  5. What a fun birthday celebration! I'm totally going to copy you with the balloons in the doorway. Laila is the cutest little 2 year old. I love her cupcake pjs. I agree with Sharli. Come visit.

  6. Are you ready for the "terrible two's?" She is one sweet little thing and spoiled by all those grandparents!

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  8. My comment didn't work for some reason, I try again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET LAILA!!! You are adorable!

  9. She is SO much fun! Missing her already...