Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best of Both Worlds

We found out late in November that Michael would need to travel to China for a work trip and that because of late notice, I wouldn't be able to go with him.  So if you can't join him, you make a trip of your own!  Laila and I flew to Utah and it was just what we needed!  We just laid low and tried to stay warm while we were there.  I feel like my blood has definitely thinned out since living in AZ and I have become quite the sissy.  Laila and I agreed that this was our favorite spot in my parents' house:

Laila loved having a chair her size.

This trip was nice because it was mostly spent with family.  It gets hard to travel home because there are a million and one things I would like to do and wonderful people to see, but this time was just hanging out.  We got to enjoy seeing "Frozen" with my family.  We all loved it and Laila LOVED the popcorn.  We enjoyed seeing snow and getting our Christmas presents from Guatemala! 

We enjoyed the cozy, magic of my Mom's Nativity Tree:

We loved playing with "mama" and "papa" (Grandma & Grandpa)  Grandma spoiled me and Laila when we went shopping.  Going shoe shopping with Laila is probably one of my new most favorite things.  She loved trying them on and watching them sparkle.

I got most of our Christmas cards addressed and sent.  I hope you got yours!

We also spent some time with our Shields family.  Laila loved playing with cousin Liam and was absolutely delighted when she helped Aunt Katie get ready for the day.

We went to my family's ward Christmas party.  So this is the closest picture we have of Laila with Santa this year.  Grandpa's are close enough. :)

We got to spend some time with my Cook Grandparents.  I love that I have been able to know both sets of my grandparents.  And I absolutely love that my daughter gets to know them.  She and my Grandpa are two peas in a pod.  She made herself right at home when she found his jellybean stash.  And somehow she already knows which ones to get rid of by putting them in my mouth- coffee, popcorn, blah!

We had a great trip and leaving is never easy, no matter how long your stay is.  It didn't help that I locked myself out of the house.  Doggy door to the rescue...again.
Luckily, my husband made coming home sweeter with this souvenir: