Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Utah Home

In September we were able to go to Utah and see our families.  Michael was there a few days, then he had a business trip in Pennsylvania so Adelaide and I were able to stay and play some more. We broke up the drive by staying in St. George for a night.  Michael needed to be apart of some conference calls so Laila and I went out and played in St. Geezy.  We stopped by our friend's, the Binghams, candy shop.  Definitely fun. Then we played in the beautiful red rock splash pad.

We then continued North.  Lady & the Tramp kept our girls entertained for some of it.  Then we stopped and saw Mel Mel in her new UVU college stomping grounds while we got some shopping done at BYU bookstore.  It was a win win.

The next few days we were able to play with cousins, Michael help lay a paver patio in his parents' backyard, Michael's mom had extra tickets to see "Tarzan" so she brought a friend and my wonderful friend Kelsy came along too! (Just in time since she had her first baby about a week later!) Michael enjoyed going to the BYU vs Utah game with his cousin, Jen- even though we did not enjoy the outcome.  We also got to go to my cousin's mission farewell, visit with my extended family and have a big family dinner at his family's house.

During my time there, I had a lot of fun catching up with Laura and Sharli.  We really missed Janna.  I guess that means we will have to get together again so we can get Janna there too. I loved being with my good friends and seeing our babies play together.

^ We are definitely living the dream!^

I felt very O-L-D going to see my sister's college soccer game! She played so well.  She is so talented and strong. I'm so proud of her!

^ Baka plays soccer too

Another huge highlight of the trip is when we had all five of my roommates in the same state at once!  We call it Roomie Reunion 2013.  We enjoyed a nice evening playing catch up and making pizza.  We also had a fun play date with all 9 our babies together!  Then to top it off we enjoyed an evening out together.  I'm so grateful for friendships that can withstand time!

...And I just love being with family.

To finish the trip off, I took a trip to St. George with my Dad and my Ostler Grandparents.  It was my first night away from my baby ever!  My dad did a great job distracting me with Pizza Factory and seeing "Mary Poppins" at Tuacahn before Michael and Laila met up with me and we continued to drive to our home in AZ. Not a bad week, if I do say so myself.


  1. Couldn't have asked to be portrayed any better. Thanks. So wish I could have been there for all the fun activities. Next time...I'll be there!

  2. I love when we visit Utah at the same time! It was a fun afternoon and I agree that next time we need Janna! Looks like we definitely need a St. George girl trip this winter :)

  3. I love the diaper changing picture!