Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Home. Love. Living Room. (Phase one)

One of the reasons I fell in love with this house (among a few hundred) was the fact that it has a formal living room.  I know many new builds (including our Avondale home) don't really have these anymore due to most of the living being done in the open concept family room and kitchen.  I do love that space too.  But as my kitchen and family room are definitely lived in, (aka not always clean) it feels nice to have a separate, clean place to sit and have visitors without having to be too embarrassed by the fact that there are dirty dishes on just the other side of the wall.  It makes me feel pretty stealth, actually.
I also really like having front facing windows.  I don't know if that's the nosy side of me coming out or if it's some kind of security thing where I know what's going on, but I like them.  I just enjoy having a special room for the piano, family night and other special occasions.
So here's what our living room looked like when we first saw the house with the previous owner's furniture:

First thing we did was paint the room (along with the rest of the main living spaces BM's Revere Pewter).  We also got rid of the purple blinds in the upper window and the light fixture above the front door. As seen HERE - The picture below is what the living room looked like right after we moved in. Blah I hate moving...

For awhile our room looked like the picture below as we finished other projects around the house.  We didn't always have my cute dad on the couch snuggling my daughter though...

We didn't paint the left wall (the one with the Jesus picture) because Michael was about to make it a pretty accent wall...

 Awesome work with an awesome sunset ^

The finished product:

This is our inspiration:

Ours definitely turned out better than anticipated and my husband makes it look easy! 
It's a great talent!

 For our anniversary, we added a new couch from Overstock to the room.  We call her Fancy Nancy.  She's just so pretty!

 Because we wanted some warmness, we took a gamble and decided to hang some curtains with our plantation shutters.  We got our LONG curtain panels from curtainworks.com. I wanted this room to have layers of greige with pops of coral.  So we also got a coral chair from Overstock and some coral accessories from Home Goods.  Do the curtains work?

Lots of things have been crossed off of our Living Room To Do list.  But uploading these last pictures help me realize what we still have to do.  For example: get a new coral rug, some coral pillows, possibly another coral chair to go next to the current one, as well as a lounge type chair for the other side of the piano and one day bring my great grandma's piano to our home.

Yes. I realize that rug definitely doesn't work.  Especially in this lighting. 

Piece by piece.  That's our phase one of the living room. 



  1. so so so so so jealous of your couch. I WANT IT!!

  2. LOVE it! The couch is great and Michael did such a good job on the wall. I think I need to see this all in person.

  3. It looks awesome!! Such a huge improvement from what the old homeowners had.

  4. That is SO AMAZING! I love that wall!!!!!!

  5. It is beautiful! Whenever we move into a house, you guys are coming over to help us decorate!!!