Friday, October 4, 2013

And just like that, it's been 18 Months

Day by day, my little girl has gone from this:

To this 18 month old doll:

She officially started attending Nursery at church on Sunday.  She did pretty good in there.  She has no problem going in and letting us leave.  Near the end, she seemed to have had enough.  Lucky for her, I just got called as Nursery Chorister, so I get to go in for the last couple of minutes of church and sing with her and her nursery friends.  It was both of our first times on Sunday and she came and sat on my lap and sometimes went boneless in a way that seemed to say, "Come on Mom. I've done my time in here for the day."  I think we are both going to love it in there though.

We went in for our 18 month check up yesterday and it was rough.  She was darling the whole drive. Pleasant in the waiting room.  But as soon as the nurse hustled in and tried having her do a million things at once, our little Adelaide was not too happy about it.  After what felt like forever of chaos and nothing being accomplished, I was able to talk to her about what was happening. Show her the measuring tape. Tell her what it was for.  As soon as I did, she laid right down and let them measure her.  Same thing with weighing her.  I don't know if they were just running behind schedule or if they thought go as quick as possible and maybe the baby won't notice, but I really wish they could have just slowed it all down. Thank heavens they give me a packet with all the info we talk about because I can barely keep up with what's being said.  Are all pediatrician's offices this way?
Well, my little lady is now:
-22 pounds (20th percentile)
-30 inches tall (10th percentile)
- 19 inches round head (97th percentile)
So far, she's definitely my daughter.  With those measurements, you know she wasn't switched with another baby in the hospital.  I know she's going to be short and small, but so far I haven't really noticed her being drastically smaller than other kids her age.  Maybe I'm in short person denial? Maybe she needs to not be so stubborn when it comes to eating vegetables and trying new food in general?  Whatever the case, this girl is our everything.
-She loves singing and dancing to most songs. Right now her favorite is Katy Perry's "Roar!"
-She is getting better at sleeping through the night
-She takes one nap around 1 everyday.  Hallelujah!
-She is a bit of a picky eater.  And I KNOW it's not the nurture part of nature vs nurture.  Because she won't even eat bread. She'll eat toast, but not bread.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I did not teach my child that.
-She likes (some) crackers, string cheese, applesauce, most fruits, (some) noodles but not most sauces.  And she can tell when we try to sneak some sauce.
-She'll eat chips, chicken nuggets and fries if they are offered to her.
-She loves playing with her stuffed animals, dolls, and building towers
-She still LOVES being outside.  Swings, slides, walking on rocks (go Arizona landscaping) and splashing in the pool are still some of her favorite things to do.

She brings sunshine with her even during her grumpy moments. I'm glad she's mine.
My baby is a full on toddler- yikes!


  1. Right now I can't imagine that day of my little baby being 18 months old! Laila is at a fun age.

  2. I think Laila and Henry have similar measurements! Clark blames me for the "short gene". Our pediatricians office doesn't seem that "rushed", but maybe it is. The office never seems busy so maybe it's a small town thing. Henry hates lying on the paper and usually puts up a fight. We take him next week for his checkup so we will see. Toddlers are fun and hard at the same time! Oh and Henry dislikes most veggies too :)

  3. I wrote so much but I forgot to comment about your calling! That sounds fun. My mom actually had that calling last year.

  4. sorry to break it to you, but the picky eater thing? like parents like daughter. still love you though :)

  5. She is so cute!!! And my experience at the pediatrician offices are the same. Most nurses are just in a hurry and don't follow the kid's cues very well. At least that has been my experience. One thing that has always helped my kids is talking about it in advance and then letting them pretend to take your temperature, check your ears, listen to your heart, etc. This has made for some easier visits though sometimes it just depends on the kid's personalities. I love seeing everything on your blog. We love you guys!