Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Trail to Oregon

After our few days in Seattle, we got a rental car and headed to meet up with Michael's family in Bend, Oregon.  Our little family spent the night in Portland.  Soon after we got there, we got on the train and took a short ride into the city.  We enjoyed some food from the many food trucks downtown.

We went into Powell's Book Store which is the largest private book store in the nation. Cool fun fact.

Then we took a nice walk along the river back to the hotel.  (Adding ice cream to the stroll made it pretty darn ideal.)

 The next morning we met up with the Walker family to enjoy the hike up Multnomah Falls.

It was a beautiful day to take a hike.  It was a great start.  After the hike, we drove the last couple hours we needed to get to Bend and meet up with the rest of the Shields.

We rented this beautiful, giant house.  It was awesome.  We all fit comfortably and were just able to talk, eat, hang out, and enjoy time together.

 We got our golden ticket's to tour the Goody's Factory Store.  I'm pretty sure it was Shields heaven.  There are definitely a few sweet tooth members in that family.  Michael kept making sure Laila got her sample even though she refused to eat any. Bummer.

We went spelunking through some caves.  Totally fun!

And overall, we enjoyed the beautiful weather by eating outside, going on bike rides and playing at the park.

Getting all four cousins to look at the camera and smile is pretty comical...

We did have some great times, but sadly we had to leave.  We were pretty bummed to leave family, the amazing temperatures....Michael, however, was not disappointed to leave a state where it's illegal to pump your own gas! haha!  Fun Oregon Fact #2.

 We partied hard and our little girl was quite the trooper.

In the end, we were all pretty excited to come home.  (Being upgraded to first class tickets didn't hurt either.)


  1. What a pretty house! That's sounds like so much fun. I don't think I would like someone else to pump my gas... Feels a little awkward.

  2. I've been to Powell's before. Loved that waterfall and what a cute house for a family reunion. And I need to travel with you more often, first class upgrades!?

  3. I have to say, love that picture of me! You're hired!! Thanks for coming out! We loved spending the time with you.