Monday, August 12, 2013

Chicago 2.0

I'm playing a little game of catch up.  We have had lots of opportunities to escape the heat this summer and I have loved every second.  We had so much fun in Chicago a few years ago (See here), we knew we needed to go back.  So when Michael had the opportunity to attend a work conference in Chicago, we took it! Michael and Laila were updated to first class and I flew alone with no baby. Win win.

Our little girl is a great travel companion though.  And she looked absolutely darling carrying her suitcase everywhere while waving to passerby's.  *be still my heart*

The conference was by the airport, so for the first couple of days while Michael was in meetings, Adelaide and I just hung out at the hotel.

On Friday, Bryce & Christi and their boys came and picked us up and took us into the city.  Oh how I love this city!  It's just so fun, clean, lovely, historic and accessible. It's just great! And the company made it even better.  Right when we got to the city we conjured up our inner Ferris Bueller and went to the Art Institute.  (PS I miss my Art History class.)

After the museum, we went to the "Bean," toured the city, and got ourselves the pizza I've been craving for years.  Seriously.  It's legit.

The next morning, Christi surprised us with an architectural boat tour. AWESOME!!!  We were able to go alone and it looked just like "My Best Friend's Wedding."  Michael wouldn't dance with me like on the movie, but it was still awesome. Loved getting all the history, being on the water, and imagining being able to afford a house on the river.

Then for the last couple of hours we had in the city, we went to lunch at the top of the John Hancock Center.  Meal and a view- Perfect combination!  (My phone died shortly after this so I didn't get as many good pics as Christi)

The cherry on top to a wonderful couple of days with the Walkers was a trip to the beach.

Once again, the Walkers were incredible hosts.  And once again, Chicago lived up to all that jazz.  I can't wait until we go back again.


  1. What a good hubby to keep the baby, and what a good baby to fall asleep on the plane! Sounds like a fun vacation!

  2. Love that bean and boat tour:) sound like u had fun!

  3. That pizza looks delish! Chicago is such a cool city.

  4. So fun! Sounds like a great trip! I think Chicago is one of my favorite big cities-maybe my absolute favorite so far.