Sunday, August 11, 2013

Off to my childhood Neverland

Almost a year ago, I was describing my childhood and the wonderful memories and adventures I had at my Grandparents' cabin in Duck Creek, UT to my friend, Callie.  We were discussing how in Phoenix you can't really send your kids outside and just let them explore, get dirty, and just play.  So we came up with the brilliant plan to escape AZ's heat and take an adventure together.  Our dreams came true over the 4th of July.

Puppy loved it...

Kids loved it...

I have many similar pictures from my days in this tub.

We went to Cedar City's parade.  Love parades.  It's too hot in Phoenix.

(Close to a family pic)

We got some rain & hail while we were there. Loved every second of it. Don't have enough of that here.

We loved being outside. Babies were so happy with it, they gave high fives.

Hiked to Cascade Falls.  A LOT lower than it was growing up.

We went to Mammouth Caves. The boys went down exploring with some other adventurers ...

A grown man saw a bat, got spooked and then caused havoc, causing a certain Brown boy to go running out of the caves and knicked his head. 
Small knick.  Lots of blood. It was quite the dramatic scene.

We all had ATV rides.

 And enjoyed being together.  We did eventually make it back to the heat of Phoenix.  Only to be locked out.  I guess it's good that we forgot to lock the doggy door?


  1. How fun is that! I love that area. Beautiful hikes. Laila is getting so big. Glad u were able to escape the heat:)

  2. Sounds fun! I love your cabin.

  3. favorite pictures: sabaka all dirtied up but looking so happy and that bathtub pic. why dont you track down the one with us and frame them side by side??