Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Although I only teach two or three days a week, Spring Break was still welcomed with open arms!  Last year, I was super duper pregnant and nesting.  Therefore, I was extremely grateful that this years break had WAY better plans.  Grandma & Grandpa Shields came down with cousin Liam and Katie & Tony!
Laila was soooo excited for them to come, she decided to be awake from midnight to four AM.  Then she decided to get up at 8 like everything was normal.  The morning was hilarious because she could not open her eyes.  She looked like she was having a baby hang over.  And I felt like a zombie.

After a good nap, she looked way better. :)

The Shields had driven through the night so they were feeling pretty tired so we all just relaxed that first day.

Thursday morning we went and picked some grapefruit and oranges at a sweet lady's house in our ward.  Laila rocked her pajamas with shoes look...

Then we went home, put babies down for naps, ate, got ready and headed out to find the Mystery Castle!  I had no idea it existed until Michael's cousin came to visit a few weeks ago.  You'll have to Google it, but basically a dad built a real life "sand castle" for his daughter in the 20s with lots of knick knacks etc.  It was fun and borderline the original hoarders. (It was built during the depression so hoarding was legit- I guess)

From one castle to another... We also head out to the Mesa Temple to walk around the beautiful grounds and visitor center.  Wish they had stayed long enough to see the Easter Pageant!

 (Family pic looking into the sun = fail)

It took us a LONG time to get home that night due to awful traffic.  Needless to say, it made me grateful for our upcoming move so my husband does not have to deal with that anymore!

The next morning we went hiking up Squaw Peak it was about a 2 mile hike each way, but it was pretty steep! I feel so out of shape when I'm hiking, but the view and company was worth it!

After the hike, we enjoyed lunch near Michael's work and showed the fam our new house! I'm glad they got to see it.  The weather was warm and beautiful!

 Yummy cheesesteaks! And cousin time.

After that, we enjoyed some time in ice cold pool water.  We went with Jen & Mason and Jen, Katie and I could barely put our feet in.  Mason & Liam splashed around in the water like it was no big deal.  As soon as I tried to put Laila in the water she recoiled and freaked out.  I guess it was a girl thing! haha!

We enjoyed a nice barbeque dinner that night and then the Shields were headed home.  Way too short of a trip, but we are grateful for any time that we get to spend with family.


  1. so fun. glad they were able to make the quick trip. the picture of Laila in pj's is so sassy it's killing me with cuteness.

  2. Laila's baby hangover pictures are my favorite. She looks like I feel most days, hahaha!