Thursday, April 11, 2013

Birthday Visitors

Laila's birthday conveniently falls on Easter weekend and my family's spring break. (And spring training games final weekend)  So my family came on down and it was so nice to have them for awhile.  Why does family time never seem long enough?
My dad and Will came down on Wednesday and we enjoyed some spring training games.  Laila loved our seats and got her first baseball. We could either get Will looking at the camera or Laila. Typical.

My mom and Mel got here Thursday night.  Friday was Laila's big day so we got the party ready in the morning, enjoyed her all afternoon and played together as a family that night.  I need to figure out how to upload movies on here, because Melanie made Laila (and me) a very special movie of her first year.  SO cute! 
I need to get better at taking pictures of our whole family.  But my picture taking was not happening much this weekend because my phone was out of memory. :(  Camille was getting upset that I don't send her pictures when the rest of the family is in town. Sorry, sister!
We did enjoy a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Mom made an amazing ham dinner.  Laila liked her Easter basket, her own little chair that her grandma gave her, and her Easter bunny that her great-grandma gave her.  

She also liked her bubble machine.  I like bubbles.

We love trips to the park...

 ...even Aunt Mel Mel. She wouldn't (couldn't) get off the merry go round. haha!

While my family was still here we enjoyed some shopping.  Laila got her traditional bouncy ball. I love her excitement and recognition.

Mason & Laila enjoyed the fountains at Tio Rosa's while we really enjoyed the food.

Miss you already, family! See you soon!