Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What nerve...

I actually had the nerve to recently say I didn't have anything to blog about. Life's been getting into a mellow routine. Or I forget to take pictures of the fun stuff. Or I get too tired to type. Which is not completely a bad thing. But the second the thought of 'I have nothing exciting to write about' crosses my mind, life is like 'Want a bet?'
Yesterday, Annie (who is visiting from VA which is awesome) and I were driving home from school. We were on our way across the valley and Annie was taking pictures of this:

And the next thing you know, she started taking pictures of this:

My tire had a blow out on the freeway and it was pretty scary to me. It wasn't the worst it could be and thank heavens we were back in civilization and that our insurance has road side assistance. The tire messed up my front side of the car a bit.

Good News: Annie was there keeping the psycho, pregnant lady calm. Michael was able to leave work and rush to my aid. And we were right by my house so I didn't have to drive far on the spare.

Bad News: We bought 4 new tires today- OUCH! And we haven't even fixed the body of the car yet. Spending money on cars isn't exactly the way I pick to spend my money. Do you know how many outfits you could buy for the cost of tires? What a wonderful treat!
(PS Don't you love my teacher Halloween shirt since costumes aren't allowed?)


  1. We had a tire blowout once...very scary and it messed up the front part too. Good luck! I don't like to spend money on cars either...so expensive.

  2. Man! I am so glad you guys were safe through it all. Now you have new tires! YAY!

  3. Ahhh I'm terrified of my tire doing that! I hope it never happens, cause I would cry. I'm glad Annie was with you. And you don't look pregnant at all, and I like your cute teacher Halloween shirt!

  4. Jason just got a flat tire the other day too. We only had to replace the one tire because we bought the whole new set last year.