Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm almost 22 weeks along! That's more than 1/2 way. It feels weird that it's almost December and that I'm on the down hill to baby's due date. Life can be so surreal sometimes. I feel like as we get further, I get more excited about being pregnant. So far, we have had pretty crazy/funny pregnancy moments that include but are not limited to:

-Having zero control over my gag reflex. As far as "morning sickness" goes, I don't feel like I had it bad. I had minimal actual throw up moments. But my gag reflex was super crazy and I was nauseous if I didn't eat every 2 hrs. Now that I'm further along, I will forever be grateful for having control over my gag reflex!

-Snack time. Because my gag reflex was out of control and I was nauseous, I cannot tell you how many ritz, saltines, and wheat thins I have eaten. Those were for the most part, my snacking basics. There were a few times in class where I would be in the middle of the lesson and I would have to have crackers right then or get sick in front of my whole class. Which would then result in the conversation why I was the one who got to have snacks in class and the others couldn't. To this, I always respond, "If you go to college and graduate, then you can have snacks too."

-Cravings. I don't feel like I've been too cravings crazy. There have been a lot of things that I DO NOT want to eat. But some things were REALLY good in that moment like Steak, Gala Apples, Cafe Rio (yum), Chocolate Milk, Chinese food- one night, I had to have it. I also like spaghetti noodles (not any other kind of noodle), Granny Smith apples, and tuna fish. One night I had pickles and waffles for dinner. That's all I wanted. I'm sure this list will continue to be super bogus. I cannot wait!

-Hormonal Psycho. So this one is pretty recent. I can cry and laugh and be super grumpy in 2 mins. Prime example, we went to Cafe Rio (yum) which is 40 mins away. It is definitely a treat when baby get's her Cafe Rio. So we get there. Michael and I share a salad and have found that it's the perfect portion for us. Except he gets beans in one corner because I do NOT like beans on my half. As he says beans in one corner they splatter the beans EVERYWHERE. I was in the bathroom as he was ordering (see below) and when I got there he felt so bad about the beans he asked if we should get me a salad of my own. But I was too upset to talk. I started crying and had to go back to the bathroom to avoid a scene. Crying over beans? Really?!

-Potty Breaks. I have to go a lot. It's a new concept for me. I usually don't have to go that often. I'm sure this will be more fun as we get further along.

-Zero Memory. This one has been pretty recent as well and it DRIVES ME CRAZY! I would ask Annie a question. She would respond. I would hear. Two minutes later, I would ask Annie same question. She would ask if I were on crack. There were many incidents very similar to this. I hope this is not permanent.

-Belly button. I have never seen my belly button this wide before! It is quite the surprise every time I see it! I'm worried it will become a VERY obvious out-y button soon

-Off the wall dreams. Last night, Michael was the one who birthed our baby because I was busy doing something else. I asked him if he got an epidural. He said heck yes. Very interesting. There's more where that came from too, but due to zero memory (see above) I can't remember them all.

So many good times! I'm sure glad I got Michael to agree to eternity with me. We are both grateful baby girl is growing strong. This little profile (that looks less and less alien-ish) makes all the crazy stuff worth it, right?


  1. I cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed this post. :) Oh, the joys of being pregnant! I did (and still do really) get kind of snappy with my students when they (STILL) ask why I get to eat in class. I tell them if they have a medical condition that requires frequent snacking, they should bring me a doctor's note, and then they can eat in class too. :)

  2. Yes..the out-y belly button and potty trips are my least favorite things. But the baby at the end is definitely worth it all! So So excited for you two. It just gets crazier from here :)!

  3. I feel like I wrote this post! I also didn't throw up much but I HAD to eat every 2 hours and brushing my tongue resulted in gagging. My memory is also suffering and it is making it hard to work when I forget things so easily. They say you actually loose brain cells after giving birth.... I think we are doomed! That makes me laugh that you cried at Cafe Rio, ha ha!