Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Before our long journey home, we stayed a few days in Tokyo.  I love Japan because it is super clean, family friendly and easy to get around!  We took the "limousine bus" from the airport to a hotel near ours and then took a taxi from there to the hotel we were staying at which was super nice!  They upgraded us to a corner suite and the view was phenomenal!  We walked around the city that night and enjoyed our yummy tradition at Hard Rock Cafe.  We saw Tokyo tower and the buddhist temple that was on the movie, Wolverine.  It is a beautiful city!

^Laila's peace sign.

^The view from our hotel!

The next day, we were picked up nice and early and taken to the bus depot to board our charter bus that was taking us out to Mount Fuji!  It was a few hours away but what a beautiful destination! We stopped at the visitor's center and even got to see some of the last cherry blossoms!  Then we drove up to what they call Station 5.  It was about halfway up.  Nice little break from the bus ride.  Then we ate lunch at a cute little hotel cafe.  After lunch, we went to a lake and took a ferry to a huge gondola ride.  I have to say our kids were incredible troopers but Harrison did not like being on the gondola.  I think he was hungry and it was squishy.  We also asked Laila multiple times BEFORE we got on the gondola if she needed to go to the bathroom.  She said no, no, no.  However, as soon as we get to the top of the mountain where there are no bathrooms, she needed to go.  I was nursing Harrison in a corner and so Michael took her around the building to go in a field.  It was a classy moment. ;)  We then met up with our tour group again to hussle over to the station where we were going to take a bullet train back into Tokyo.  Let me tell you, those are incredible trains! They go about 200-300 kilometers an hour!  They are right on schedule, clean and you barely feel like you are moving.  So cool!  After a few train rides, we got back to our hotel and enjoyed room service that night as we put the kids to bed and enjoyed the view.

^We found some of the last blooming Japanese Cherry Blossoms!

^Laila loved that every restaurant had darling kid sets of dishes

Wednesday morning, we got out for a few more sites before we needed to get to the airport.  We rode on their completely reliable subway and searched everywhere trying to find a certain restaurant and we failed.  But we saw some amazing things! It was a wonderful trip and I am really glad our two little ones joined us.

^We already miss all their mother's lounges.  Such a great place! 

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  1. Laila's peace sign is classic! You guys are amazing to travel with the little ones. What an unforgettable trip.