Monday, June 29, 2015

Shields Say Konnichiwa Part II

Our adventures in Okinawa, Japan were not quite over!  Thursday started at some more castle ruins and then the rest was spent at the beach!  Annie took us to an awesome spot called Mamasan Beach.  Michael rented a canopy/tent that they had set up on the beach which made it much more possible to enjoy the beach with babies.  The water was incredible and clear!  They even had some incredible snorkeling.  I saw some real clown fish in real anemone! Laila helped her dad feed the fish.  Sand castles were built with cousins, legs were buried in the sand, kites were flown, and snacks were eaten.  It was a PERFECT beach day! MMM! Take me back!

Friday was a fun, slower day. We wanted to snorkel at Maeda point, but the water was too choppy.  They weren't allowing anyone to go.  We went to lunch at the incredibly peaceful and scenic Doka Doka Cafe.  Then we walked around Cape Manzamo and did some snorkeling at Maeda Flats.  Friday evening, we FINALLY went on the Ferris Wheel near the Castro's home that Laila spotted everytime we were near.  We also experienced Dr. Fish- YIKES!  Craziest, ticklish, creepiest sensation ever.  But you should have heard the way it made Michael giggle.  I guess Mr. Not Ticklish has a ticklish spot after all!  That night we had some incredible BBQ at Sauce.  YUMMY!

Saturday was my birthday!  I've got to say, if that day has any significance of what the rest of the year is going to be like, then 29 is going to be awesome!  Michael and Victor went golfing early in the morning and then we all packed up and head out to enjoy a hike to Tadake Falls.  Annie & Victor's friends came along too!  It was a great group!  The hike was beautiful and adventurous as we hiked up the river and scaled some rocks to get to the falls.  Really fun!  That night, we had my birthday dinner at Four Seasons for some authentic teppanyaki.  The steak was amazing!  Finally, we finished off the night with some yummy birthday cake-  Thanks to Annie & Victor!

Sunday was our last day in Okinawa.  We enjoyed church with the Castros and then we were going to go sailing but it looked like a storm was coming so they weren't letting any ships out.  Instead we walked around the sea wall and enjoyed a calm, beautiful afternoon.  That evening, my cousin, Sarah, and her husband, David, invited us to their cute apartment for dinner.  It was so yummy and was a perfect throwback to our family dinners at Grandma's house growing up.

We loved every second with the Castros.  They are incredible hosts and I loved seeing a glimpse of their lives in Japan.  We slept remarkably well, loved reading and playing with our cousins.  Thank you, Annie and Victor for an unforgettable adventure!


  1. Bringing back so many memories! I miss my Mama San Beach.

  2. I don't think I could do Dr. Fish