Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We've had a few interesting developments this month. Michael is graduating with his MBA in May so he's been looking at different job positions with Honeywell (his current company) and others.  Currently he works in a great position in Tempe.  However, the commute is often over an hour and it is just too far.  For the past year, I know when his commute is really bad because he'll usually send me different links for homes that are for sale closer to his job.
 Well, he was just offered a position with Honeywell at the Tempe site that is a great opportunity, but would also demand a lot more time.  It was time for us to get more serious about looking for houses closer to him. I'm sad I don't get to do a House Hunters post like I did back here for our first house because it would be too easy.  All the other houses we looked at were nothing compared to the new house.  It would have been WAY too easy to guess.
I love hindsight and seeing how our choices in the past lead us to where we are now.  Our current home has been perfect for us.  It was a new build and offered us lots of upgrades that we were looking for.  However, we bought it as a 5 year plan.  Our current house also taught us which projects we could handle on our own and which are too challenging.  Our "new" home was built in 1991 and is slightly smaller than our current home.  But the second we were inside looking at it, Michael and I both felt very strongly that that was where we were supposed to be!
It's in the Ahwatukee Foothills which is 10 mins from Michael's work.  It is in a cul de sac! I love this so that I can teach my girl how to ride her bike in the quiet circle. It is an oversized lot with grass AND a pool!  Hallelujah!  Literally a block away is an A+ elementary school and a lake with ducks.  It's just wonderful.
Here are some pics...

Master Bedroom

Harry Potter 1/2 Bath

Oh yeah... MY POOL!

Backyard continued

 Family Room

 Laundry Room- I actually get a room. Not just a laundry hall to the garage!

A real fireplace.  Santa can finally come to my house!

Interesting desk area that will soon become a second pantry...

Kitchen and Breakfast nook

Dining room and Star Wars sconces...

Living Room/Dining Room and Plantation shutters...

Staircase...needing some suggestions on the railing...

Front door...

Staircase again and upstairs hall...


The view from upstairs

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Upstairs outdated bathroom...

Bedroom #4...

Master bath with jetted tub. woot!

master bath...

Like I said, it's a great house and we are REALLY excited to get in there are start making it our home.  We literally cannot sleep at night when we start talking about the fun projects and ideas we have for this house! Clearly, paint and light fixtures are going to go a long way in this house. So stay tuned for after pics when we get moved in!

This move brings a lot of changes.  I won't be teaching at my current school because the move would put me over an hour away from there.  That will be a HARD adjustment since I've had such a great situation this year and teaching is such a huge part of my life. We also are moving from an AMAZING ward.  I know that we are going to enjoy our new ward and that we are only 40 mins away from our friends.  But that is still the hardest part about this move.  We are hoping that we can at least bribe some people to visit with a swim in the pool? huh? Anyone?


  1. How exciting!! I'm happy for you guys. Now I really need to start saving so I can come visit and hang by the pool! Also I can help with home updating projects :) I love how everything works out how it needs too! Can't wait to see the after pictures. When are you moving?

  2. Oh and I LOVE that it's on a culdesac! My dream home will be in a culdesac or on a very quiet/private street where the kids can run and play. Can you tell I'm super excited for you!

  3. LOVE the plantation shutter! LOVE the location and LOVE how excited you are! And of course going to LOVE watching you guys do all the projects. How incredible.

  4. Beautiful house! And yes, we would love to come visit and swim in your pool! ;)

  5. The new house is really smaller? Looks big! How exciting! The dining/front area seems very weird to me, maybe it's an Ariona thing. I can picture Mike's excitement for the difference in commute!

  6. Nice house! it looks great and I know that you'll make it your own with all your fun projects that turn out so well.
    Congrats to you and your husband too for his upcoming graduation :)

  7. Please do some sort of Von Trapp sing-a-long along the upstairs railing.