Friday, January 25, 2013

Laila Love

This month, Laila has been loving playing with her Christmas toys...

This is probably one of my all time favorite. She says hi to Mommy.

Auntie Camille got her mission call to Guatemala and Laila knew the whole time. But no one asked her...

January is the good reminder why we live in Arizona.  We have enjoyed trips to the park.  The Little Lady wasn't too impressed with her first swing ride...
 But she was tuckered out by the time we got home!

She loves story time. Or just taking out all the books.  That's the start for a lifelong love of reading right?

Not a picture of Laila, but puppy got an owie and she's a pretty good dog.  Adelaide giggles every time we get home and we see Sabaka waiting for us at the door!

She finally fits into the dress Aunt Christi gave her.  She looks like a princess!

Teething has been FUN! Carrots are her soothing rings.  I've tried a few other teething helpers, but she prefers her carrots.  Here's hoping her eyesight is better than mom's and dad's!

 She's got some pretty fantastic grumpy faces down...

But she still melts my heart...

She is our world so that's what we've been up to lately!


  1. I love the dress her aunt gave her! She is also getting more hair (or maybe it's just getting darker and more noticeable.) She sure is a cutie. And congrats to Camille. :)

  2. She is still so adorable! Henry is also enjoying his Christmas presents and loves to "read" his books. I'm sure our children will be geniuses. Why have I not thought of carrots for help with teething! I will have to give Henry some carrots.

  3. i can't resist her grumpy faces!

  4. An entire blog post of pictures of Laila? This is my kind of blog!

  5. even her grumpy faces are the cutest :)

  6. AWW--LOVE that dress! She looks adorable. What happened to the puppy?