Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Magic

As the temperatures continued to climb in AZ, we made a few more escapes! Michael planned a sweet one week road trip to California.  We had a lot of fun, food and photos. So let me break it down...
Part I- Yosemite
We drove up to Fresno so we could visit Yosemite. Laila was pretty good for most of the drive.  Despite her smiles, the car seat got old.

Yosemite was picture perfect.  Literally.  I felt like some of our pictures looked fake.

We enjoyed seeing the giant sequoia's.  Take a look at those cheeks! (The tree is pretty impressive too.)

Yosemite is GINORMOUS.  We spent the whole day there, almost emptied a whole tank of gas and still didn't see all of it.  It was pretty tricky hiking with a baby.  The morning was wonderful. I loved the sequoias.  We saw them just in time.  When we were driving to the next areas we wanted to see, we noticed they had closed off the sequoia area due to large crowds. Half Dome was beautiful.

After Half Dome, it was midday and trying to keep Laila's bald head from being burnt to a crisp became very creative.  Even then we weren't completely successful, but she was a trooper.  Another fun anecdote on how hiking is different with a baby is the fact that I always have a spare outfit in the diaper bag in case of a blow out.  Well, this particular day we took a backpack instead of the diaper bag.  Yep. No spare outfit.  SO at the beginning of the day, Laila had a onsie, pants, and a jacket.  After Half Dome, she blew out on the onsie.  So she was down to jacket and pants.  On our way out of Yosemite, she blew out again! This time on me.  In the car.  Therefore, by the end of the day, she was down to a diaper and a little sunburnt.  Parents of the year...

But a wonderful adventure!

Stay tuned for Summer Magic Part II


  1. such a cute family. can't wait for part II!

  2. Those cheeks are so impressive! Lovin the Shields Ave.

  3. I'm jealous you can just take a quick road trip to California! Miss Laila is getting some yummy cheeks.

  4. What a fun last summer road trip!