Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So Last Wednesday...

So... my Wednesday to do-list was...
-Finish Maternity Sub Plans (phew! I got this checked off.)
-After School Meetings
-Dr's Appt
-Try new Spinach, chicken enchiladas for dinner
-AND...hang up the mobile and blog about Baby's recently finished nursery!

Well, clearly the bottom portion of the list was never accomplished due to the fact that we were at the hospital. Never accomplished, until now! (The cleaning was finished thanks to my mom.)
Michael has been working on this room for some time. And I've been not-so-patiently waiting to put it together. I will be completely honest when I say, I LOVE IT. Everything just fell into place that way. I feel like that never happens. I get too ADHD to pick a specific concept or commit to certain themes or furniture, etc.

However, this is Adelaide's room. It was quite the process. I loved watching it go from this:

To this:

From what I can tell, I think our perfect, little girl likes it too.


  1. stinking adorable! it looks like you copied and pasted it straight from a pottery barn magazine. hopefully a happy room makes for a happy baby.

  2. Ah! It's gorgeous! Congratulations!!

  3. The mobile makes me feel like she will have a little bit of Horito in her life since it also adorned my room for a few years. ;)

    I love how it turned out.

  4. So so cute! I love it! Well done.

  5. It looks so good! I wouldn't mind sleeping in there, it looks so peaceful. I'm sure Laila loves it

  6. So stinkin cute! I love the wanes coating (I hope that is what it's called). It makes it feel so girly.