Saturday, February 14, 2015

Harrison Michael Shields

Our little boy is officially here.  It has certainly been an interesting pregnancy.  Overall, he and I have been healthy which we are extremely grateful for.  However, at his 20 week ultrasound where we found out he was in fact a HE, we also found out that I had something called Placenta Previa.  Those are fancy words that mean that my placenta was blocking the cervix.  Usually the placenta will move out of the way, but in my case, it didn't.  This was hard news for me to take at week 28.  If it didn't move I would have to have a csection to prevent the placenta from possibly rupturing as the baby tries to come out.  If it ruptured, I could bleed out or baby could have been put into shock.  The news just scared me.  Thankfully, as I prayed, I was reminded over and over again to trust in the Lord.  I am also very thankful for modern technology that was able to catch this situation.  My placenta did not move. So at about week 34, we scheduled our csection for February 3.  I cannot begin to tell you how weird it felt for me to be picking the day my son would be born.  But on the other hand, it was VERY nice knowing exactly when he would get here and being able to plan accordingly. Now here's a photo unload of our little boy's special day.

Early February 3, we head to the hospital.  Ready or not...

Michael loved the outfit he got to wear in the OR.  Mine wasn't as glamorous...

Me getting to hold our sweet boy in the recovery room.  I cannot begin to tell you how weird a csection felt after having a vaginal birth with Laila.  No contractions or hours of labor.  Pretty sweet.  Being awake for a very real surgery and feeling all sorts of weird tugs and pressure as they safely got my baby out.  Pretty weird.

Here is our perfect little boy-  Harrison Michael Shields. He was born at 7:22 AM and weighed 7 lbs 2 oz.  He also had the longest finger nails I have ever seen and way more hair than his sister. :)
Thankfully, Aunt Camille could be down here the week I was in the hospital.  She did a great job taking care of Laila so that Michael could be with me.  This is one of my favorite pictures.

I cannot even begin to describe how DARLING Laila is with her brother "Harr-son" She beams when she sees him and softly touches his head, then kisses him.  Absolutely MELTS my heart. 

Our family of FOUR:

Loved being able to FaceTime and chat with so many family members.  Here's Harrison meeting his cousin, J.

Friday, we came home from the hospital.  Many naps followed...

My mom also got into town on Friday.  No matter how old I am, it sure feels good to have my mommy nearby.

Harrison is a sweet, calm baby.  We love having him home safely with us.

Love these three.

Laila's been pretty patient when it comes to me needing to take care of Harrison.  Most of the time, she will snuggle up somewhere close to me and wait while I feed. Or distract herself with a show on the iPad.  

My guys...

Alert and darling.

More kisses for Harrison...

He loves to have a hand by his face.

Super stretch!

Can't get enough of his little face

I have the best view.  Harrison in my arms, Laila on my legs.  It's a good life.

So much love doesn't seem possible!

Feeling very blessed in this house.


  1. i love him i love him i love him. can't wait to see this sweet boy!!

  2. Oh, he is so sweet. Congratulations!!! And hooray for modern medicine!

  3. Oh Jenn, he is so cute! I'm glad everything went well for you. My cousin had that same thing and was on hospital bed rest for 2 months (leaving 4 kids at home). She wasn't even allowed to leave for an hour to go to our grandpas funeral just down the road. And Laila seems to have that whole big sister thing down!!

  4. So glad he arrived safe and sound! I hope you are recovering from a c-section. Looks like you have had lots of great help! Your family of 4 is just darling and perfect.