Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season to be Jolly

December is already zooming by. Michael has been super busy with school. He has a bunch of finals before Christmas break. But puppy helped me get Christmas decorations up. I'm sure our little lady will be willing to help me and puppy next year, right?!

This weekend, Michael had a class/final on Saturday from 7 AM- 5 PM, so I got going on the traditional bread making. I made 16 loaves and I am exhausted. Baby made sure I knew she was not happy with me standing on tile for most of the day. I went to bed at 9 PM more stiff and cramped and more uncomfortable than I have been for a long time. Getting our Christmas gifts out to neighbors before it's too late is worth it though.

So I'm a little over 24 weeks which means at the end of the month, I will be in my 3rd trimester! Yikes. So by demand of some family members, here's the belly. After all the bread making, I wouldn't change out of my flannels even for the picture. sorry.


  1. I wanna be your neighbor too so I can get a loaf of bread :) You look great!!

  2. You look good Juju, flannels and all.
    Can't wait to have some homemade bread with you in just a short little bit!

  3. i just love puppy. i even had a dream about her last night!